Teachers will have to learn online teaching and class management: R.N Ravi

Teachers will have to learn online teaching and class management: R.N Ravi

Kohima, September 04 (NEx): On the special occasion of Teachers’ Day, Nagaland Governor, Shri R.N Ravi extend greetings and felicitations to teachers throughout the State of Nagaland who are constantly engaged in strengthening the intellectual and ethical foundations of our youth, society and country.

Governor Ravi, said in his message that, ‘Extraordinary pandemic situation has created an unprecedented scenario and challenges for teaching. Teachers who feel inhibited by technology will have to learn the online teaching and class management. The world is adjusting to the new normal of distant teaching and learning.’

‘Teachers have made outstanding contributions in building our society. They shape students’ personalities and make them ideal citizens of the country. They guide and inspire people – both young and old. Teachers are executing the responsibility of creating awareness as well as opening the mind of people by instilling good values, morals, and ethics.’

‘ Apart from academics, teachers stand by us at every step to guide, motivate and inspire to become better people. Successful persons often remember, with joy and pride, the elementary school days and their teachers.’

‘As a society, our goal must be to create good citizens who are capable of preserving the good of the past and creating a better future. The influences of teachers and their experiences remain with the students for a lifetime. Our students, when they come out, must be an asset to society – employable, wealth creator with concern for the environment, ethical person and most of all a good human being.’

‘Lessons in good citizenship inculcated at a young age go a long way in creating a better society. It may be as simple as traffic rules, cleanliness, gender sensitization, concern for the weak and respect for the elders.’

Governor, on behalf of the people of Nagaland, expressed heartfelt gratitude and good wishes to all the teachers for their lifetime of dedication and commitment to the great cause of educating our youth. God bless you all.’ – unquote.