Sunday Special: Know about facilities provided for women by Government!

Sunday Special: Know about facilities provided for women by Government!

Dimapur, November 29 (NEx): Are women safe in Nagaland like other places? What facilities are there for them – be it on livelihood, or others?

Here is an exclusive report right through a government wing to clear such doubts, in making women less vulnerable atleast in the State of Nagaland.

About Women Helpline–181 Nagaland:

The State Resource Centre for Women (SRCW) Nagaland facilitates the implementation of various women centric programmes and schemes under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. SRCW is also the Nodal Agency to implement the Women Helpline (181) and Sakhi – One Stop Centre Scheme in the state.

Ever since the launching of these two schemes in Nagaland, various cases of domestic violence, rape, rescue, distress, sexual assault, cybercrime, threatening, blackmail, fraud, obscene phone calls/text message, mischief, harassment at work place, missing/abandoned cases, seeking support and assistance, guidance has been registered from all across the state and beyond.

The Scheme of Universalisation of Women Helpline 181 Nagaland, provides support and assistance to women affected by violence, both in private and public spaces, including in the family, community, workplace etc. Women who are victims of physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and economic abuse and women who are facing any kind of violence due to sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, trafficking etc, may call the 181 for immediate and emergency services.

It may be mentioned that Women Helpline (WHL) is integrated with the One Stop Centre (OSC). Women affected by violence and in need of redressal services will be referred to the appropriate agencies through the WHL.

Support and Services :

The WHL provides 24/7 toll-free telecom immediate and emergency response to women affected by violence through referral to appropriate agencies (Sakhi-OSC, Police, Hospital, CHILDLINE, Legal Services, etc.) Alternate no 9485239098

*Provides information about government schemes and programmes available to women.

*Provides counselling , guidance and information through response team:

Sakhi- One Stop Centre:

It is established in all the 11 district headquarters across the State, a shelter Home that aims to provide integrated support for women affected by violence under one roof.

Targeted Beneficiaries:

All women including girls below the age of 18 years affected by violence.

Services of Sakhi- One Stop Centre:

– Emergency response and rescue support
– Medical assistance
– Police assistance
– Psycho-social support
– Legal aid and counseling
– Temporary Shelter for victims
– Video conferencing


Women Helpline undertake outreach and awareness activities to inform and encourage women to utilize its services in case of need and to ensure accessibility of the Helpline to the most marginalized women in the State. Awareness are carried forward to different districts and Institutions, Churches, Panchayats, public conferences, door to door visitations.

Services of Women Helpline are also circulated through mass publicity by distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, posters and dissemination of information through newspapers, radio and television.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women:

The International Day for elimination of violence against women is commemorated every year on November 25th, setting off 16 days Activism on this issue and leading up to Human Rights day on December 10th (November 25th- December 10th).

The 16 days of activism against gender based violence is widely marked as an international campaign and during this time, various organizations and individual uses this as an organizing strategy around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against girls and women. In support of this, the Women Helpline Nagaland and Sakhi – One Stop Centre carry out a number of activities at the state and district level with an effort to prevent and increase worldwide awareness on this issue.

This year in our State Nagaland, Dept of Social Welfare, Govt. of Nagaland, Nagaland State Commission for Women, Nagaland State Social Welfare Board, State Resource Centre for Women, Women Helpline, Sakhi-OSC, are collaborating to observe the 16 Days of Activism on the theme, “We are in it together: Let’s end Gender based violence.

Activities at state level includes; Online digital pledge campaign, Press release (Advertisement), Video pledge, Awareness of service providers 181 & OSC, Poetry Slam competition on the theme, IEC – Legal entitlements for women, posters etc through digital.

At the District Level Sakhi – One Stop Centre along with the District Level Center Women are organising various activities. Violence against Women and Girls has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making the vulnerable even more so. The organising team encouraged everyone to take a pledge or an action today to end gender based violence.

‘Take action during this year’s 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence. Join us to support women to Stay safe and Stay free of Violence’- unquote.