Sumi-Chakhesang Brotherhood Day observed

Dimapur, November 12 (NE): The Sumi-Chakhesang Brotherhood Day was held on November Twelve at Shoxuvi under Dimapur district of Nagaland with various key leaders representing the two tribes with more than thousands of people gathered there.

In this regard, various programs were held to mark the day with presentations of songs; prayers given by various leaders; cultural presentation including speeches by other eminent leaders from the two tribes.

Exhorting the gathering to remember the significance as one of the leader reminded for a common goal to create further oneness, in which the other leader also added to celebrate the day jubiliantly but said in the congregation about more unity in the Naga family so as to live as one.

In the function, other important leaders also opined similar speeches, for one leader added that the time has come to stand the ground against all odds and be an example for other Nagas in this hour of need.

It is pertinent to note that this function is marked as eight times in a row to celebrate brotherhood between the two tribes.

The key speeches were delivered by Member of Parliament (MP), Lok Sabha, Government of India, Shri Tokheho Yepthomi and Minister of Planning & Coordination, Land Resources, Government of Nagaland, Shri Neiba Kronu among others.