State Govt Bans Use Of Posters In Government Offices During Functions

Kohima, December 18 (NEx): The Urban Development Department, Nagaland in a notification in pursuance to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India order dated February 13th, 2020, said that the use of flex banners/ boards/ posters by departments/ institutions/ government agencies in government offices during functions/ programmes, etc. has been totally banned with immediate effect.

Flex banners/ boards/ posters are made up of Poly-Vinyl-Chlorides (PVC), a plastic polymer, which is a non-biodegradable material and if burnt, releases harmful toxins and gets bio-accumulated in the food chain of ecosystem causing serious hazards to human health and environment.

The notification further stated that the use of eco-friendly materials such as cloth banners, light weight textile fabrics, wrinkle resistant wrap knit, natural-fibre based sandwich boards, resin-infused papers, particle boards, etc. may be encouraged to combat plastic pollution in the State.

The order informed all AHoDs/ HoDs to disseminate this directive to all the District Offices/ Institutions/ Agencies as well for strict compliance.

(News source: DIPR)