Stakeholders Meet On Air Cargo Held: APC Emphasize On Cluster Integrated Approach

Stakeholders Meet On Air Cargo Held: APC Emphasize On Cluster Integrated Approach
(APC Kikheto Sema addressing the stakeholders meet on aur cargo at Dimapur on February 26, 2021|Photo:DIPR)

Dimapur, February 26 (NEx): After the approval of Director General, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security for security clearance of domestic cargo operation from the main terminal building of Dimapur Airport, a stakeholders meeting was convened to deliberate on sending out Nagaland produces through air cargo to different destinations of the country at Hotel Saramati, Dimapur today.

Agricultural Production Commissioner (APC), Nagaland, Y. Kikheto Sema IAS, addressing the first session 2020 & 2021, termed it as very important years for the state for two important achievements, that after 57 years of statehood the state was able to get soil testing lab in all districts and the second one was the security clearance from the ministry of Civil Aviation.

Regretting the lack of large and medium industries in the state, Sema said that the only scope that the state have is agri and allied activities for which the state is blessed with favourable climatic conditions where everything can be grown. However, the hindrances that the APC mentioned were the landholding system and the traditional way of cultivation such as jhum and shifting which are not economically viable nor ecologically sustainable but cannot stop also as all the festivals, folklores and folksongs will have no meaning without it.

On the approval given by the Ministry, APC stated that the big question ahead is whether the produces would meet the demand. He pointed out that all agri and allied were doing individually and the villagers are also doing the same which will not be sustainable and that there is a need to relook and reimagine the system and do differently instead of doing different things.

He emphasized on cluster Integrated approach manner which can be done by all agri and allied department that will be sustainable and can also attract young people to get involved in farming. He also voiced on the importance of creating awareness among farmers about the demand of the market so that farmers can plan their crops accordingly and identifying fruits and vegetables which are in-season in the state but off season in other states or country by citing the example of Kiwi fruit which are in-season in the state when off-season in New Zealand who exports 80% of Kiwi in the world.

Director, AAI Dimapur Airport, M. Zhimomi, in his address mentioned that in India air cargo is permitted only through dedicated cargo terminal and the permission from the ministry of Civil Aviation to start cargo operation from Dimapur is the first time any airport has been given the approval. It is given as extraordinary interim measure as required by the government of Nagaland which he hoped would help the farmers, consumers as well as the airport and the airlines which is a win win situation for everyone. He appreciated and acknowledged the officials from the Nagaland government for taking up the matter in various levels.

Commissioner & Secretary, Horticulture, Anenla T Sato, IAS, in her short speech appreciated the airport authority, Dimapur, especially Director, M. Zhimo for all the logistic support. On behalf of DGM Cargo NER, AAI, Nazeer AS Basha, Director, AAI Dimapur Airport highlighted some of the approved SOPs for cargo operation.

The session was chaired by Director & Mission Director (MIDH) of Horticulture, R. Elithung Lotha.

(With inputs from DIPR)