St. Xavier Hr. Sec. School, Jalukie celebrated Golden Jubilee

(Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang, unveiled the Monolith Stone, dedicated by Bishop of Nagaland, Rev. Dr. James Thoppil)

Peren, November 10(NE): St. Xavier Hr. Sec. School, Jalukie celebrated its Golden Jubilee (1969-2019) at the School premises on Saturday, November 9, 2019 under the theme “Celebrating our Past and Igniting our Future” with Former Chief Minister & Leader of Opposition, T.R. Zeliang as the Special Guest, Bishop of Nagaland, Rev. Dr. James Thoppil and NBSE Chairman, Asano Sekhose were the Guests of Honour.

Former Chief Minister of Nagaland & Leader of Opposition, T.R. Zeliang who graced the auspicious occasion in his address congratulated all the pioneers, teachers, students (both past and present) of St. Xavier Hr. Sec. School, Jalukie who have walked through the portals of this institution during the past 50 years of its existence.

Zeliang said, since its inception in the year 1969 under the motto “To Learn and to Serve” it has attained continuous progress in the field of education and it has become an industry for the district and for the state in particular. He said on completion of 50 years of educational institution St. Xavier Hr. Sec. School has achieved a milestone. In line with the theme of the celebration programme, he went on to state that one cannot ignore the role and contribution of one’s criticisms in which ever field one may be and therefore the selfless contribution of visionaries in the establishment of this institution cannot be ignored. He also spoke on the need to impart modern education to the students and opined that students holds the future of the society, since they are our assets it is the moral duty of the parents and the teachers to lead them into the right path.

Zeliang also lamented, many a times students comunity are involved in undesirable situations which are politically stage menace and therefore requested the institutional management to cross check such practices so as to refrain the students from getting involve in any kind of conspiracy. He also stated that educational institution must stream line the areas where Students’ participation are necessary and where it should be avoided. In this new era employment problem is mounting day by day and to address this serious issue there is a need to organize awareness program to the students on the importance of skill development and use of technology to boost and increase the work course in our state.

He also said that in Nagaland, Government jobs has reached its saturation point and therefore expecting to get employment under the Government for each and every students graduating from colleges and universities is not a practicable perception. T.R. Zeliang also asserted that Naga history is recognized as unique history, one factor is our political background and another factor is our culture and tradition which is also unique, so inorder to preserve our unique culture and identify, all the schools and colleges should organize cultural competition in every annual conference either in class wise or in group wise. Zeliang while speaking further urged the students to maintain discipline and stay focused in their studies to fulfil their dreams and desires and also advised them to use social media more cautiously. Let this celebration bring a new hope, new ideas coupled with zeal and determination to face new challenges ahead of us, T.R. added.

NBSE Chairman, Asano Sekhose in her speech stated we are now in a stage where everyone is in search of knowledge, to become successful and to fulfil our dreams one needs good education. Education starts not only at school but also from home, therefore the bond between the parents, teachers and students must be strengthened, Asano said.

On educational perspective she expressed, getting education is very important and to improve the learning outcome of the students, teachers and parents must give them a good foundation so that they will do well in their future. She also referred one of Aristole’s quotation wherein she mentioned “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity”. While speaking Asano encouraged the students to work hard in their studies for their better future and further urged the students to develop and inculcate life skills and also work skills to progress in life. Furthermore, she stated children today increasingly have great needs and demands, so as educational planners, administrations and teachers, we need to work together to transform the learning environment.

Earlier the Special Guest unveiled the Golden Jubilee memorial Waiting Shed and Monolith Stone which was later dedicated by Bishop of Nagaland, Rev. Dr. James Thoppil. The Monolith Stone was contributed by the class 10th batch of 1982-1983. The comperes of the celebration programme were Lituna Kappo, David Chenlimi, Gordon & Zulula.

Other highlights of the day includes; welcome speech by Principal, St. Xavier Hr. Sec. School, Jalukie, Rev. Fr. George Anthony, short speech by Bishop of Nagaland, Rev. Dr. james Thoppil, speech on behalf of alumni students was delivered by Albert N. Hau, enchanting Jubilee anthem was sung by Xavierites Choir and vote of thanks was proposed by Vice-Principal, St. Xavier Hr. Sec. School Jalukie, Rev. Sr. Marina.

(News Source: DPRO & IA, Peren)