Sport Virtual Quiz for Quarantinees in Nagaland by GethemGo Sports International

Kohima, June 05 (NE): GethemGo Sports International, Director, Dr. Viposa, who is also the Facilitator NE Sports Coalition of India, informed about a SPORTS QUIZ 1.0 initiative for people who are at different QUARANTINE CENTRES in Nagaland.

The quiz is scheduled for June 08, at 7:00 pm. It is an opportunity for young and old to have FUN as they participate. Also, we are sharing a love gift for the best four (4) participants, he said.

Highlighting on the importance of Sport, the director said that it is a language everyone understands and is enjoyed by billions of people on the planet. Sport has a potential to build relationships and transform communities, and it is instinctive to every human being. You may be surprised that sport is important to the work of the Gospel. It should be no surprise that God is doing His work in amazing ways in sport and play. However, what is surprising is how and where it is happening.

Sport is carrying the light and hope of the Gospel everywhere, to the most difficult and dangerous places on earth, to sporting teams and athletes, to jungles and islands, to the biggest and loneliest cities, to places most challenging to Gospel work, added the Director.

Sharing about the sports ministry, Dr. Viposa mentioned that it has a significant focus on those people and places where we see little disciple making impact, challenged by the fact that there are gaps between where we are today and the “ALL nations” part of Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18-20.

As a sports ministry we are inspired to GO to all people, places and sports with what they love doing. Hence, we are equipped STRATEGICALLY to GO to all people, places and sports with strategic conversations to equip many as we can to reach the GSPPS more effectively, said GethemGo director.

Interested persons can contact or whatsapp: Phone- 9856141487