Social Media Appreciation Campaign: NagalandExpress

Dimapur, January 10 (NE): NagalandExpress (NE) takes a special moment to appreciate few Nagas as well as welwishers of Nagaland who are contributing to make a better state. They may be doing without any knowledge; but keeping in mind their contributions in the society, NE initiates a social media appreciation campaign henceforth.

NagalandExpress will take the privilege in honing few like-minded persons who has been serving the society be it through their voices on YouTube channels or other social media. In this report, one will come to know how blessed is Nagaland because of such people.

Let’s try to inculcate their good deeds to make Nagaland better again. This campaign will be a platform for congratulating them as they work for the society in a larger way for future as well.

NE team will have no bias, as after lots of studies including good research it has come out with the following names. Further episode levels will be coming out in future editions as well.

It is with immense pride that in the history of Nagaland – a new name can be written for developing to this extentp. Yet, NE will not promise whether names of yester years will be included but based on the requirements, perhaps we will do so. The rest, can be assured that one can have a good time knowing them all:
Who says, Nagaland lacks in talent & if it is about good talent, find it in music. Yes, song or music, Nagas are in Top Ten of all times be it in whatever level. Talent is something that Nagas must be proud of; With a glorious and sooding sound, it is only to be in madness even through out the day.

While, the Government of Nagaland is doing right in this angle, by becoming the first including the only Government in the whole of India to have a Government level Department of music to promote it. Thumbs up for it! Here meet Smti Hukali, among many others who is not just a mother to her family but has been followed by lots on YouTube channel for past many years who contributes her voice for everyone to listen and enjoy the simple video being made on non commercial system for the world. She has set to be an Ambassador for Nagas in this way. In the process, NE has been trying to get in touch with many but few came out to support this particular surprise campaign for everyone to read.

It is not just a talent that has to create a wave, but requires few things, that NE wish to ask, do you have that in you? Quite not, that makes the difference because for anything that commercialize, this platform is very sorry because the other question is, do one have the guts to find out and become a social entrepreneur in the process? Not many will understand about what is it. NE is also sorry to say that the common commerce stream that one may be studying will not be included currently. That will come only through the experience in one’s life process. NE truly takes the pride to honor those individuals including organizations who have found those social entrepreneurship in them.

The other part is about laughing out loud as one feels about it. Do one laugh out so much as this – the memes that is going gaga all over the internet world, particularly on Facebook among others? The Nagas in this regard, can be saluted for this. Starting from morning till late night the memes has been rocking very badly of late that the NE has found a place for such individuals who are coming up with non-sensicle to a serious level of humour, creating meanings through the laughter. It is sometimes very irritating, yet in proper reading, there is a big message with it. There’s the catch that perhaps Nagas like other state in Northeast India have started to share about realities through such telegrafic message to understand what’s inside.

NE wishes them, particularly who creates their point of view in Nagaland to further come up with ideas that will sustain themselves, but also not misused by others in the long run. It is not easy to be emotional when one is not like that but with the coming of memes, the girls selectively have to be sure, among the rest that Nagaland is watching – let’s make it better from now.

The memes are basically being created for a message to be delivered humorously that most of them are being seen on Facebook round the clock by girls starting from morning. There are also memes used for politicians and others if the public are not that happy with their comments as a leader. There could be thousands of reasons as well to do so. Nagas on other hand, has to come out in creating positive memes that will shave the lazy-daisy Nagaland one has seen in a prosperous way including positive sides of life. NE will however, add a line for balancing the paragraph by saying that even males do memes in different groups of social media platforms, nonetheless.

There are few drawbacks coming in during the process of research by NE of knowing few active and social media users who have stopped their works as a whole through the other side of story. That will be a loss for Nagaland. It is mainly due to loss in hope for a future that is to be sustainable in the process. It is very true that such also occurs as there is no sustanence then the system has to change as a whole.

The other part is seeing a new Nagaland by few activities through the Government of Nagaland Departments who are very much in touch with the people – be it in current Hornbill Festival including the Hornbill Music Festival among others.

Few politicians are also being seen on social media very actively. Hands off & congratulations to them for building a bridge in making people more closer for daily activities.

The current social media appreciation campaign is all possible due to massive co – support by a direct selling business company, DXN, which is internationally headquartered in Malaysia. It is possible from Nagaland (Dimapur), which deals with health care products.

Follow NagalandExpress in this campaign of what would be ahead further. One can email NE here for further informations, at: