Snack bar to be opened at Dimapur Airport soon

Dimapur, October 26, (NE): The Government of India, through Airport Authority of India (AAI) has invited a common tender to create a snack bar in concourse area of the Dimapur Airport with last sale date for the tender form: November 4.

This will pave the way on few things:

One, that is a long felt need for such facility, which the travellers including people who comes to drop or pick them, will now get a sigh of relief.

Secondly, this will be benefited especially, if the projects are taken up by eligible local entrepreneurs as the contract stands for next seven years.

Thirdly, few jobs will be created, which again will benefit the local job seekers from this area.

Likewise, the state government also will benefit with the required tax – if applicable.

The space allocated for the bar is 11.48 sq. m.

Few criteria to be remembered are:

a) Participating agency must have atleast one year experience in Food & Beverage (F&B) sectors.

b) Must have operated more than three outlets in a year over the past five years for which;

i) In any Indian Airport, Railway/Bus Station, etc on date of tender (or)

ii) Other terminal areas like shopping complex, etc (or)

iii) In case Hotel not HRACC certified:

For further information, please check the following web link: