Side effects of Christmas celebration: Few accidents occurs at Dimapur

Dimapur, December 26 (NE): Sad Christmas News, early Morning Yesterday, December Twenty Five, about 5:30 am at Burma Camp, Dimapur, an Eeco collided with a truck carrying rice which was going towards Purana Bazar, Dimapur.

According to an information recieved here, the Eeco was coming down from Wokha and the driver who died on the spot had just graduated this year and his friend is also in a critical condition. Rum bottles were also found in the vehicle.

Unluckily a cyclist fish seller got caught in the accident too, yet he managed to jump and escaped unharmed.

A fire accident also occurred at Purana Bazaar on the wee hours of December Twenty Four. Such and many other accidents may be occurring in different districts of Nagaland. Though Nagaland has been declared a dry state – yet the Government is still silent when the youths including others are getting killed during such festive season now & again. The Government therefore must take measures inorder to save lives and bring the society on track.