Shiitake Mushroom Training Conducted At Nokhu Village, Noklak

Shiitake Mushroom Training Conducted At Nokhu Village Noklak

Kohima, April 19 (NEx): Shiitake mushroom training was conducted at Nokhu village, Noklak by Noklak police in collaboration with KVK Tuensang. KVK Tuensang farm manager Mr. Yanger I Kichu was the resource person.

The Farm manager explained that shiitake mushroom is a blooming agriculture industry nowadays with lots of demand in Nagaland along with other states. He demonstrated and taught hands-on training to the farmers for inoculation on shiitake dowels. He said that these mushrooms are very easy to cultivate in the interior areas because of easy availability of raw materials and climate.

It gives the produce for 5 to 6 years if inoculated for once, hence it can help farmers to enhance their income resource and diversity of food production, he added.

SP Noklak Dr. Pritpal kaur IPS emphasized on pursuing scientific agriculture and new technologies for farm production to uplift the rural economy. She encouraged the farmers to go for organic farming, preserving one’s own biodiversity and simultaneously enhancing the farmers livelihood and income. She explained various schemes of govt for farmers and motivated the school drop outs to pursue agro business rather than going for drugs etc.

Head Dobashi Mr. Palau chaired the program and Dobashis also participated in the training and took dowels for inoculation. Women SHGs and farmers from Nokhu ,Nokhu Nokin and Nokhu EAC circle also attendedd the training. Dowels were given to all farmers in the end and queries for agriculture were sorted by the resource person.