Services at Fire Station Dimapur West Temporarily Suspended

Services at Fire Station Dimapur West Temporarily Suspended

Kohima, May 26 (NEx): In view of detection of COVID-19 at Fire Station Dimapur West, IG (F&ES) Neilasa Sopfu informed that the Fire Station will be temporarily suspended from taking further Emergency calls, till further order.

The department informed that the jurisdiction of the aforesaid Station will be covered by Fire Station Dimapur West and Chumukedima.

Fire Station, Dimapur West personnel who were on duty during the last 10 days will be in isolation/home quarantine. In case, any symptoms develops during the course of Home quarantine, they are to report to the competent authority for testing and further medical checkup.

The department directed the present duty personnel not to leave the jurisdiction of Fire Station and are directed to get themselves tested for COVID-19. It also directed the 2nd OC to fumigate/disinfect the whole Station Premises.

Further, the F&ES dept. directed Insp. A. Wati Jamir, OC Dimapur Central to provide logistic support to personnel under Isolation at Fire Station, Dimapur West including rations & basic amenities.