Seized Narcotic, Drugs and Liquor Destroyed in Phek

Phek, September 26: Seized narcotics, drugs and psychotic/control substances and liquor seized under NDPS Act/NLTP Act/ DC Act produced before the Court Phek, Nagaland from 25.05.2019 till date was destroyed U/S 452 Cr.P.C today, September 26, 2019 at Phek Town Dumping Yard under the supervision of Cheliam Khiamniugan, Judicial Magistrate First Class, Phek in the presence of EAC Phek Sadar, Sizin Renttah, representative of DB, DC Office, OC Police Station, Phek and PI staff Phek after drawing samples for evidences.

List of the seized articles destroyed against cases includes;

120 bottles of MC Rum under Pfro/PS Case No. 0005/19 of GR-17/19,

93 Bottles Codeine Panyorak under Czba/PS Case No.0004/19 of GR-20/19,

144 bottles of MC Rum under case Czba/PS Case No.0005/19 of GR-25/19,

205 bottles Elterex (Codeine) under PK/PS Case No.0009/19 of GR-26/19,

50 kgs contraband ganja under Pfro/PS Case No.0008/19 of GR-29/19,

26 kgs contraband ganja under Pfro/PS Case No.0007/18 of GR-20/18,

435 kgs contraband ganja under Pfro/PS Case No.00015/18 of GR-36/18,

48 Nos of canned beer (Kingfisher)under PK /PS Case No.00010/19 of GR-31/19

216 bottles M.C Rum, 24 quarter bottles O.C blue, 12 bottles O.C blue,

408 Nos. of canned beer (kingfisher) under Pfro/PS Case No.00010/18 of GR-32/19

(News Source: DIPR)