Security tips for Tourist issued by Government of Nagaland on account of major Festival

Dimapur, November 4 (NE): Government of Nagaland through its Tourist Police (Nagaland Police) has issued a cautious note as security tips for a safer stay particularly due to upcoming Hornbill Festival during early part of December, 2019.

In this regard, giving out nineteen security tips to be remembered and followed both by domestic & international tourists as said – the rules have made as people friendly so as to avoid any untoward mishaps; simply to enjoy the most talk about event of the year, in Tourism arena of the country.

As there were lots of complaints from different corners particularly during this season – also to mark as one best memory, a promise like never before with other programs happening till the end.

It is pertinent to note that the tourism industry gets major boost through Hornbill Festival as it became a much talk about event of the year. It has also been a long happening festival with lots of tourists coming in from every part of India and abroad. Moreover, all the hotels & homestay, etc gets booked to the highest level with few even raising the prices due to more demands of continuous inflow of tourists as clients including people even from parts of Nagaland both in Dimapur and Kohima apart from other districts in Nagaland as a whole.