Second World War Star lost in 1979: Now found and delivered to the rightful owner

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Our Bureau:

Dimapur, September 12, (NE): A Second World War Star was found while digging at the site of New Life Church, Kohima recently with the name “SHUMBEMO” inscribed at the back. The Church wanted to deliver the Star to the rightful family members by means of claiming it.

Of which, in a letter, it was asked particularly the Lotha tribes to help on this regard through various social media groups that has been widely circulated via Whatsapp and Facebook past few weeks.

Later, through this informations, the owner has been identified as one Shumbemo Yanthan from Lakhuti Village of Wokha district and it is learnt that he lost this Medal while visiting Kohima in the year 1979.

This is one impacting story that through human touch by using the rightful social media, we can be of help to many. This one is a straight example that change for good are coming for sure.

We would also give thanks to brother Richard Humtsoe for taking trouble in getting insight news for us besides many from the social media groups in making connections to the rightful owner in the end.