Second Nagaland Film Festival on October 31 & November 1, 2019 at Kohima

(Director IPR, Limawati Ao and President FAN, Kivini Shohe unveiling the FAN logo)

Kohima, October 15 (NE): “The festival will be first of its kind in Nagaland where filmmakers from all the North-East states will participate.” Director IPR, Limawati Ao said during the press conference on 15th October 2019 for 2nd Nagaland Film Festival held at Hotel East Gate, Kohima.

The 2nd Film festival will be organised on 31st October & 1st November 2019 at Capital Convention Centre, Kohima by Film Association of Nagaland and sponsored by IPR Department.

Besides the screening of films, there will be master class, penal discussions and other activities for the upcoming filmmakers. Limawati said “We are happy that the famous Bollywood Film Producer & Director, Subhash Ghai will be coming at the same time for another program and he is expected to attend the festival on 1st November.” It’ll be a good opportunity for film makers to get themselves acquainted with him and his works since he is also a promoter and has institutes that trains filmmakers, playback singers and artists.” He expressed hope that something for media and films in Nagaland will come up in the near future, and for that he expressed the need to work together to show our talents and human resources. He also said the Department is in touch with the states that are established in film sector and very soon Nagaland will also have a film policy.

Additional Director IPR, Tokishe Sema said it is just been two years since IPR was made the nodal department for films in the state and the Department is coming together with the filmmakers to take film making to a higher level . He said “film is a form of advertisement where we can promote ourselves and we have many talented filmmakers, the Department will try it’s best to encourage them through workshops on film making and technical issues and others.” He urged the filmmakers to get their GST and their association registered.

According to Festival Director, Yapangnaro Longkumer from FAN, 56 films were received officially for the Festival, 28 films for competition category and 28 films for non-competition category. 17 films will be screened during the festival. “Lots of young Naga filmmakers are participating and that’s very encouraging. We want to make the selection impartial so the jury will all be from outside the state” she added.

(News Source: DIPR)