Satoi Range G.B Association Visits All Govt primary School & Health Centre

Satoi Range G.B Association Visits All 11 Govt primary School & Health Centre
(Satoi Range GBs Association, Students Union, and Adminstration pose for lense during their visit at Primary Health Centre, Satoi)

Kohima, April 25 (NEx): The Satoi Range G.B Association in its continued effort to crackdown the proxy teachers initiated to get the ground report and to address the grievances of students community, carried out a combined education tour and visited all the eleven Govt primary Schools within eleven villages under Satoi area sub division Satakha Zunheboto District and also physically inspected Primary health Centre, Satoi and four sub-centres at Itovi, Ghokhevi, Hokiye and Thakiye village with Satoi Range Students Union and Satoi administration on April 19th & 20th, 2021 and interacted with all the village council, GBs, teachers, village education committee(VEC) and public, informed a press statement.

On April 20, 2021, a combined education tour visited Govt. High School Satoi and interacted with teachers and staffs and took note of the grievances of the students. Satoi Range G.B Association has informed that Govt. High School Satoi is facing a shortage of Graduate Teachers and currently there are only four graduate teachers, five primary teachers and three Hindi teachers. Teaching staff are posted at Govt. High School Satoi without head master since September 2019 and assistant head master had been incharge since 2016 after they have been transferred and no new replacement has been posted till now and no science since 2017 it reported.

Till today, it is also unfortunate to mentioned that more then eight graduate teachers has been transferred with post and recently during 2017-18 four Graduate teachers also been transferred with post and no replacement has been appointed at Govt. High Scholl Satoi which has resulted the shortage of teachers it stated.

On inquiry by the combined education tour, it is informed that minimum two General graduate teachers and one maths and science teachers along with the head master should be posted as an urgent requirements for teaching faculty in the interest of the students community as the present strength of graduate teachers is very difficult to cope up with all the major subjects informed by one of the teacher during the inspection. The Satoi Range G.B Association has also informed that due to the shortage of graduate teachers at Govt. high school Satoi, people in the region are not willing to seek admission in the Govt high school and this is also the main factor behind the poor enrollment of students and nill results in the last HSLC exam 2020.

Satoi Range G.B Association further said that, Govt. High Scholl Satoi was upgraded in 1993 as Govt high School and in the year 1998 is was upgraded till matriculation into full strength as high school. However, the teaching staff and students are also facing basic necessity requirements of staff govt quarters and other infrastructural development which need immediate attention.

It also stated that the association will not entertain any transfer with post under Satoi area unless it is necessary for only genuine cases and appeal all the teachers in the region to be regularly posted in their respective posting. It is also warned that in the next tour the Satoi Range G.B Association would also be carried out surprise checking from time to time in the eleven villages and if any teachers found indulging in the proxy, their names would be submitted to the higher authority for immediate action in the interest of the students community and encouraged quality education.

The combined education tour also inspected Primary health Centre, Satoi and four sub-centre under Satoi, during their visit at Primary health Centre, Satoi they also interacted with doctors and staff and to encouraged the public, the Satoi Range G.B Association officials led by its President Kaito Zhimo and Kakheto Aye General secretary received a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine as a part of the COVID-19 vaccination drive by the medical department and also urged the concerned medical officer, and medial staff PHC Satoi to report about the shortage of medical requirements at PHC and other four sub centre on regular bases every month to CMO, Zunheboto and urged people to follow strict government standard operating procedure during the second wave COVID-19 for public safety, it stated.