Saaho crosses Rs 100 crore mark: What Zhokoi Chüzho like starrer will be next in Bollywood movie, an Analysis

Our Bureau:
Dimapur, September 4 (NE): It is a matter of pride for Nagaland to see a much new face in mighty Bollywood movie to get a place; and now with the rupees one hundred crore marked film has come – is a challenge including big opportunity for an actor who has done stints in Nagaland (say Nollywood), besides in drama and others & finally the big ticket in Bollywood films – a matter of pride for Nagaland and the whole of North East India. Here is an analysis of what befalls ahead of Zhokoi Chüzho in a dream of real world now:

In old film days, there were no such hundred crore competition but due to change in time; we see such common happenings for every new films release in the market. Those were golden days to put short.

Decades back, there were less theaters including the cinema goers – that’s why the situation was different. There were even limited actors yet slowly things came to change for India as a whole.

This change lead to create more films with demands going up then.

Now in modern terms, the casts of such huge grossed films crossing certain lines will enable for other producers including directors to have a fair chance of going through the details of such success actors to be cast in their new unnamed/yet to release films get the first deal of reading the best script available for them.

The other plus point is raising their fees from low to the highest amount if both the parties accept the deal. You will have the best day out if you have good contacts in the industry of whom to follow for the next big break. If deal once done, you will have no time but to go through the script as often as possible by even taking advises on how to go further.
Here the concerned actor has lots of following not just about being famous or admiration but by film industry people, which will include big names as producers, directors including other actors to cast film together.
Another point is that such actors have lots of chances to get very good roles taking upto the main lead role as a hero in the new films, especially in south movies and not forgetting the Bollywood film itself.

However, can we make another Zhokoi in the making from Nagaland to Bollywood?

It is pertinent to note that Zhokoi Chüzho is an actor by profession, from martial arts background, national Gold medalist worked in movies like; Nana (Nagamese) 2016.

Detective Byomkesh Bakshi (Bollywood) 2015.

Force – 2 (Bollywood) 2016

Bose Death/Alive (Web series) 2017.

Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi (Bollywood) 2018.

Little Boy (Bollywood) 2019.

Latest movie Saaho (Tollywood) 2019.