Route from Dimapur to Kohima during landslide: for public information

Dimapur, October 30, (NE): The Dimapur -Pimla market junction – Punglwa Sainik School – Medziphema – 10 mile Peducha – High School, Kohima is taking atleast 6-7 hours journey, just to reach Kohima – the capital of Nagaland due to road blockade of National Highway caused by the recent torrential rains in Nagaland.

The National Highway as per directive both by Kohima and Dimapur Traffic Police respectively has issued notification to clear the Highway as soon as possible for motorable road back again.

The other road that is busy these days are from Niuland to Kohima, which takes similar hours due to heavy traffic in both these roads.

Earlier those National Highways use to take three hours in normal times; but now the situation is very different and the commuters particularly depending upon private taxis and buses have to agree on hefty amounts citing long roads.

There are few views coming in from various people with fear that even though the National Highway becomes four lane road one day, the situation like land including mudslides will still perceive due to mountainous terrains and the technology use will not be effective too.

In this way, it is the public who will have to bear every thing even then.

Meanwhile, the coming of train will be an alternative means of transport system. And the government still must think ways beyond the Highways because it is a matter of tourism – attracting various tourists every day including the domestic passengers, meant for state of Nagaland as a whole.
It is through creativity that will sustain creating the best means of transport to every citizens of Nagaland including India and the rest of the world as a whole.
The whole process will take time, but in the end, if done with right plans – those rainy days will be a pass.

It is pertinent to note that the greatest festival in the making is very near where the world will meet which has become a focal point through the Hornbill Festival, just round the corner.