Rose Longchar- first Nagamese film actress featured in Bollywood movie | Exclusive

(Actress Rose Longchar from Dimapur, Nagaland)

Kohima, December 26 (NE): Rose Longchar, one among the first actresses from Nagaland featured in Bollywood movie shares on her journey as an actress and a business women with NagalandExpress on her birthday, Thursday, December 26, 2019.

Rose Longchar, daughter of Imsuchungle from Dimapur, Nagaland, started her career as an actress in an advertisement in Nagamese in the year 2003 from a gospel studio with Naga Film Institute in kashiram. Those are my roots, said Rose.

Speaking exclusively to NagalandExpress Rose said, her first official movie was signed in 2006 called ‘Heartbeat.’ I am very proud to have started with Nagamese career without any good direction, choreography, make-up artist. We were a good team those days, she added.

Looking back to the past, she laughs and narrates, “At that point of time, my mom scolded me for shooting in Nagamese projects, they never supported me for Nagamese career. Only Some friends were there supporting me”. But now, they are proud of me and support in whatever I do, though some still laugh at the videos or acts that were done raw those days, she quirks.

As an actress, she got the Inspiration from Bollywood actresses. Some of her featured Nagamese movies are Heartbeat, Itu jivan, Mon tu jolie and Lord and Nepali movie called Khel. Her debut Bollywood movie was ‘Little Boy.’

(Naga Actress Rose Longchar receiving North East Unsung Heroes Red Carpet Social Awards 2019)

Rose Longchar received North East Unsung Heroes Red Carpet Social Awards 2019 in a function held at Mumbai, from Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, Bhagat Singh Koshyari on November 15, 2019.

Talking about her present work, Rose Longchar said, I’m the regional team coordinator in MI lifestyle marketing global private limited, Networking company since 2014 and my personal office – Rose Nagamese Associations, is in Burma Camp, she added.

About the future plans, Rose Longchar says, ‘I want to become a successful business woman and if I get a good project for acting, I would definitely like to work with that project. My few upcoming short movies are The walk, Life without gravity which is nominated for film festival.’ My focus is in North East movies, she added.

Encouraging all her friends Rose Longchar said, ‘keep dreaming and be confident, If you believe you can do it then try it. From childhood till now I’m still learning and working. Every place I go, I get to know different prospects of people’s mind, environment and situation. We have to be very humble and give love and respect to everyone. I believe in Jesus and He is the one who is watching everything we do. Some times we may think that the camera and people are not watching but God is watching, So do good, be good, respect, dream and keep smiling’, she added.

On her birthday today, December 26, NagalandExpress team wishes a very Happy Birthday and happiness throughout her life.