Revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for returnees to Nagaland

Revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for returnees to Nagaland

Kohima, June 02 (NE): The cabinet meeting held on June 01, 2020, revised the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the returnees to Nagaland.

In supersession of the SOP issued regarding the returnees to Nagaland, and the subsequent modifying orders regarding the same, the revised guidelines is as below:

For Chennai Special train returnees on May 22, 2020:

The revised guidelines said that the persons who returned to the state on May 22, 2020 by the Special train from Chennai and are still in Kohima and Dimapur quarantine centres will continue to remain until the COVID-19 tests are done on all such persons. Those persons who test negative will be sent to their home district, it added.

Regarding those who test positive but do not require hospitalization and are fit to travel, they will also be sent to their home districts to be kept at the COVID-19 Hospitals for treatment; under special transportation after following all the necessary health protocols.

Persons tested positive and showing symptoms requiring hospitalization and not fit for travel will be shifted to the COVID-19 Hospitals of Dimapur and Kohima as the case may be for treatment.

For Returnees from NE States before May 18, 2020:

The revised guidelines for all the returnees who have arrived from the state from Green Zones of the North East states, before May 18, 2020,and have completed 14 days institutional quarantine at Dimapur or Kohima or in any other district and not exhibiting any symptoms will be immediately released for home quarantine for another 14 days without the mandatory testing.

Regarding the returnees who are still in Kohima or Dimapur quarantine centres, they will be released to their respective district task force for undergoing 14 days home quarantine.

For all returnees other than the above two categories:

The revised guidelines for all the returnees reaching the State at Dimapur either by train/ air/ road will be segregated district-wise at the entry point/Agri Expo site, thermally screened and all found asymptomatic will be transferred to the Quarantine Centers in the respective districts. The same shall be followed for the persons entering the State through Khuzama by the District Task Force Kohima.

For all the returnees showing symptoms, they will be subjected to medical protocol at Dimapur and Kohima; and based on the fitness, will be retained or transported to the respective home districts.

In case the Quarantine Centers in any particular district gets fully filled up, and if the district is unable to take anymore returnees, then arrangements will be made to keep the returnees inbound for such districts in the quarantine centers at Dimapur or Kohima or vice versa
wherever space is available at that point of time.

The sample of all the returnees will be taken in the respective districts and tested for COVID-19 in the BSL 3 Lab at Kohima or in the labs in Assam /Manipur or in the upcoming BSL 2 Lab at Dimapur, when functional, or in the TrueNat machines wherever available.

Those who test positive will be shifted to the respective district COVID Hospital.

Positive cases will be managed within the respective district COVID hospital until the facilities are saturated, after which the cases will be shifted to the nearest available COVID

After l4 (fourteen) days institutional quarantine, the returnee, if tested negative and found asymptomatic will be released for undergoing another 14 (fourteen) days home quarantine.

In respect of persons above the age of 60 years, children below the age of 10 years and parents, and pregnant women and accompanying spouse, and patients, they shall be thoroughly screened and on the advice of the Medical Team at the Entry point/ Screening Centre will be sent for 28 (twenty eight) days Home Quarantine.

The Chief secretary, Temjen Toy in a notification clarified that the work division in the districts regarding quarantining and all other related matters will be as follows:-

All Logistical issues such as – Transportation of Passengers/ Identification of Quarantine Centres/ Provision of food to inmates/ Housekeeping Management of Quarantine Centres – Electricity, Water supply, repairs, sanitation/ Coordination with other districts etc will be the sole responsibility of the respective District Task Forces, including officers, agencies nominated by the Government or the DTF as the case may be.

All clinical protocol such as – Screening of passengers/ Sample collection/ Testing of samples/ attending to inmates in medical distress/ Safety protocol in QCs/ Issuing medical clearance for release from QC/ Despatch location as the case may be or any other location as the case may be will be the sole the District Health Officials, Department of H&FW.

The returnees will be transported to their respective districts under police escorts.

The provisions of the revised SOP will be applicable to Returnees already in Quarantine centres of Dimapur, Kohima and other districts with immediate effect, and for new Returnees entering the State it will be applicable from June 04, 2020.