Rengma Students’ Union commemorates the 65th Naga National Flag Hoisting Day

Rengma Students' Union commemorates the 65th Naga National Flag Hoisting Day

Kohima, March 23 (NEx): The Rengma Students’ Union commemorated the 65th Naga National Flag Hoisting Day by organising a flag hoisting program at Parashen, Rengma region on Monday, March 22nd, 2021, with Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) and All Naga Students’ Association of Manipur (ANSAM) as special invitees.

The unfurling of the first Naga National Flag at Parashen, Rengma region was done by T. Chongsen Chang (son of Lt. Thungti Chang), a press release from RSU informed.

The President of ENSF, Sepili L Sangtam in his speech at the second session appealed for inclusivity of all the Nagas as a single entity, further stressing on the necessity for all Naga Political Groups (NPGs), 7 NNPGs and NSCN-IM in particular, to sit across one table for one inclusive solution to the protracted Indo-Naga political issue.

While extending appreciation to RSU for organising the event of historic landmark, he stressed on the importance of the occasion and said that the Naga National Flag is the only bond uniting the Nagas together in the already fragmented Naga society. He also expressed confidence that the Union will continue to honour the occasion even in days ahead. Further, he affirmed that the ENSF and RSU will continue to foster the relationship between the two bodies.

Meanwhile, the President of ANSAM, Wanglar Thürthung Monsang speaking at the event stressed on unity among the Naga youths and to work together for Naga unity at large. He stated that Naga National Flag is the only identify to unite Nagas together. Calling on Naga youths not to forget the contributions of our leaders and elders who have selflessly sacrificed their life for the cause of our Nagas, he expressed happiness that the RSU has organised such landmark occasion to honour the aspiration of the Naga people and the contributions of past leaders. Further, he appealed to all the student leaders across all artificial boundaries including Nagas in Arunachal, Assam, Myanmar to celebrate this historic day in the years to come.

Narrating a brief history on Parashen, the former President Of RSU, Benjamin Lorin, mentioned that on March 22nd, 1956, the Free Naga Government (Hongkin government) & NNC merged to form the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) which is observed as the Naga Republic Day, and the first Federal Republic Flag was hoisted by Thungti Chang, C-in-C , Home Guards at Parashen, Rengma Region.