Rehabilitation & Crisis Intervention Center Launched At Mon

Rehabilitation & Crisis Intervention Center Launches At Mon

Mon, April 20 (NEx): The Rehabilitation and Crisis Intervention Center for drug addicts and other social crisis was formally launched on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at KBBB Mission Center, Mon. The centre is an initiative of Youth Department of Konyak Baptist Bumeinok Bangjum.

Speaking at the launching programme, Deputy Commissioner, Mon Thavaseelan K, IAS said, the fight against drugs being initiated by NGOs, students’ unions, Churches of Mon district has been very commendable and challenged to further the effort to eliminate social evils and assured support of district administration at all levels.

Superintendent of police, Mon Imnalensa, IPS also highlighted the collaborative action taken against defaulters by law enforcing agency in the district and encourage the inmates of the centre to overcome their shortcomings and be a crusader for others against drug abusers and social evils.

Hon-ang Konyak, Vice President, Konyak union also urged KBBB youths to follow the teaching of the Bible based on the ‘Parable of the lost sheep’. Dr. Chenjei Konyak, Convenor of CoDAMP also thanked and appreciated the initiative of the KBBB for taking social responsibilities beyond their normal spiritual services to keep the humanity in order particularly in Mon District. Rev. Chemyuh Konyak, executive secretary of KBBB offered special prayer for first batch of inmates of RCIC.

Earlier, the programme was chaired by Naomi Konyak, Director of HADO; invocation prayer was offered by Rev. Honlong Konyak, Pastor of MCBC, welcome address was delivered by Wangchah Konyak, Secretary, youth department of KBBB and the programme ended with a prayer by Pastor Panwang Konyak of Police Church Mon DEF.

The newly launched Rehab and Crisis Intervention Center is not just only for drug users to be rehabilitated but, for any kind of social crisis that takes place on regular basis in the family, community/society. So far, three regular counselors have been appointed and they will look after the first batch of about 30 inmates, besides that, KBBB staffs and other NGO leaders will support the day to day activities of the centre.