Reception programme for the first Naga Nuclear Scientist Chireuding Zeliang; organised by ZKUN held today

(Reception programme for the first Naga Nuclear Scientist Chireuding Zeliang; organised by ZKUN at Dimapur Airport)

Dimapur, December 15 (NE): The Zeliang Kangtsa Union Nagaland, organised a reception programme to welcome the first Naga Nuclear Scientist, Chireuding Zeliang, today, December 15 at Dimapur Airport. Chireuding Zeliang is coming back home for the first time as a Nuclear Scientist for a visit after 3 long years from Canada.

Chireuding Zeliang is the son of Chusi Hieme and Ilubuile Hieme from Gaili village, under Peren, Nagaland. Currently, he is working at the capacity of a Nuclear Scientist/Engineer in the Canadian Nuclear Industry, since 2016.

Rangro Herie, General Secretary, Zeliang Kangtsa Union Nagaland, led the reception programme at Dimapur Airport. Rangro started the message with a short introduction about Chireuding’s background, educational and professional details. Highlighting on Chireuding’s journey from a small village, Gaili under Peren district to a Nuclear Scientist at Toronto, Canada; he said, his life is an inspiration for all the youths and wished him success for his future. Blessing was pronounced by Rev. Dr. Visor H. Zeliang.

Chireuding Zeliang in his short message, encouraged the youth of Nagaland to dream big and to follow them. Recalling the childhood times, Chireuding said, ‘life was hard for me as a child especially from a village. I used to go to the field to help my parents, look after the cows, help mom in the kitchen, etc, which made me a very determined person. Determination is the key to make our dream into a reality,’ he added.

He further challenged the youth of Nagaland not to be in the receiving end, rather be a developer like in the developed countries. He also encouraged the parents to support their children in achieving their dreams. He thanked the ZKUN Secretary for organizing a warm reception and all the people for joining the programme.

Kereikang Society, Northern Zeme Women Organisation and Peren Town Youth Organisation- leaders also gave short speeches.

Earlier, people from Kangtsa clan, along with the family members of Chireuding Zeliang received him at the arrival in Dimapur Airport.

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