Programme on Tobacco control held at Dimapur

Programme on Tobacco control held at Dimapur
(“Tobacco Control in times of COVID-19 Pandemic” held at Signal Angami Village| Photo: DIPR)

Dimapur, September 05 (NEx): A Panchayati Raj Initiative on “Tobacco Control in times of COVID-19 Pandemic” was held at Panchayat Hall, Signal Angami Village organized by District Tobacco control Cell, Dimapur on September 04, 2020.

The resource person, District Nodal Officer, NTCP Dimapur, Dr. Reyosalu Lase Vizo highlighted that globally, Tobacco kills eight million people every year. Especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic, the dangers of Tobacco habits need to be taken seriously as it can complicate COVID-19 situation both in terms of transmission and co-morbidities.

Tobacco use in general has a higher chance of transmission of COVID-19 virus by hand to mouth contact and also through spitting which can lead to community transmission. Therefore, Spitting in public is banned and is a punishable offence now.

A powerpoint presentation on “Management of COVID-19 dead body” was also presented where it was informed to the gathering that there is unlikely to be increased risk of COVID-19 infection from a dead body to health worker or family if proper precautions according to SOP are taken, as the main source of infection is through droplets and a dead body cannot sneeze or cough.

The programme was chaired by Kezevi Natso, Youth President, and attended by Village Leaders, women leaders and Student leaders of the village. Posters, Pamphlets and masks were distributed to the participants.