Press fraternity of Nagaland Observes National Press Day

(Editor Heritage Publication, Dr Asangla Tsudir speaking at the National Press Day Celebration at DIPR, Kohima | Photo: DIPR)

Kohima, November 16 (NE): Press fraternity of Nagaland joined the rest of the country in observing National Press Day at DIPR Conference Hall Kohima on 16 November 2019. The event was organized by Directorate of Information & Public Relations (DIPR), Kohima Press Club, Dimapur Press Club and Mokokchung Press Club (MPC) under the theme “Reporting – Interpretation: A Journey.”

Editor Heritage Publication, Dr Asangla Tsudir speaking at the event said ‘media is the conscious keeper of the people and that media is a powerful tools for shaping the thoughts and minds of the people’. She remarked that media fraternity is caught between the fact and the truth telling and that this two should not be disassociated from responsibility in the context of harmony and wellbeing of the people. She also reminded the media fraternity that people today are looking for a media or papers which can gave provide them with wholesome information covering all perspective from different angles.

She said that media houses in Nagaland need to evolve from the current trend of reporting and focus on disseminating information on what people wants rather then what media wants to report. Stressing on reporting issue like sexual assault or domestic violence she said that news reporting needs to go beyond the bounds of cultural stereotyping justice system and further provoke the justice system towards ensuring that justice is delivered to the victim rather than the oppressor.

She challenged all to ponder as to whether media should create information or just act as a medium to disseminate news without filtering just for public consumption. She also said that print media needs to evolve as every media has its strength and weakness and depending on the quality news it provides the public will subscribe. She also said that for democracy to evolve, investigative journalism is the need of the hour in our state. On ethics of reporting she said a reporter must always have to be conscious that media is an important pillar of democracy and that the news or story should always give hope to the readers. As conscious keeper of the people and as responsible citizens she urged the media fraternity of Nagaland to continue evolving.

Author & Former Journalist, Charles Chasie speaking as one of the panelists in the event said that the theme PCI has chosen is open enough and wide enough for everyone to interpret it the way they understand and that each need to provide depth. He said that a reporter must treat every news with the respect it deserves and that it is the reporter’s duty to provide adequate, accurate and objective information without bias or interpretation to the public. He said that sensationalism and selective indignation were the two traditional sins of the media as all are prone to these infirmities from time to time despite one’s best efforts.

Today the situation of fake news has also become rampant and even become the “new normal” Chase said. He added that ‘deep fakes’ imposes itself as a substitute reality in the form of a far more convincing presentation of “alternative facts “as it resembles concrete reality but may be entirely imaginary. “Deep fakes, he said may have the potential to be destructive because they are arriving at a time when it already is becoming harder to separate facts from fiction”.

Chase also said the role of the media men and women have become much more challenging, especially serving a society like ours that has experienced prolonged violence and has become wounded and broken in the process. He added that our society has become dysfunctional, people are depressed and longing desperately for peace and wanting to hope.

Therefore our role at this juncture, when peace finally seems within reach of our people and society media are in a unique position to help bring healing and to give hope to our people. He further challenged media men and women to be in the fore front of building new and better Naga society.

Earlier Director IPR Limawati Ao welcome and introduced the panelist of the event and President Nagaland press association H Chishi moderated the panel discussion.

(News Source: DIPR)