Political leaders from Nagaland becomes tech savvy now

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, November 13 (NE): Nagaland Government today has come to the edge – keeping with times, as most of the Departments from the secretariat; down to the concerned Departments including the district levels and back to various sub-divisions & others have either their own website or atleast social media pages as a common platform to stay in contact with the citizens.

This is well to go by Government of the day atleast in Nagaland as a whole.

One can see various developments like that of Hornbill Festival, any one can simply log onto certain websites and get the ILP work done, without physical presence in office of respective districts.

Likewise, various others including the new partnership being done with perhaps the largest social media like, Facebook to work with Government of Nagaland in different platforms is laudable for the Government as a whole.

The most interesting to see is current trend by various politicians being seen in social media is also very pertinent to note, especially till previous days, they were less seen when needed by the citizens of the state.

Various netizens shared their feelings to be active so as to feel the real leadership, for they were being elected to represent the commoners as much possible. Few also reiterated that time has come to be matured enough as answerable for in other states throughout India, politicians too speaks not just infront of a gathering; but social media as well even to cry out as appeal, for one netizen observed, “after all, they are human too”, unquote.

Yet, many felt that the creation of accounts in social media might be only namesake, as enquiries including greetings remained unanswered till date. They advised, however, one should continue to use & not given to third-party by handling the official accounts for, a certain netizen wittily observed, “being in social media, you can get quick publicity to stand your ground, among your other party leaders,” unquoted.