Peren District Youth Organization Issues Statement Against Claims Of NSCN (U)

Peren District Youth Organization Issues Statement Against Claims Of NSCN (U)

Peren, March 25 (NEx): Peren District Youth Organization (PDYO) in a press statement said that the Zeliangrong people are thankful to the leadership of NSCN(U) for the condolence message rendered through its MIP for the three brothers mercilessly gunned down on the afternoon of March 22nd, 2021 near the IRB Coy camp at Lamhainamdi village.

The statement said that the Zeliangrong people hold the NSCN(U) under the leadership of Gen. Neakpo Konyak and Kitovi Zhimomi in high esteem and the Zeliangrong brothers and sisters have sacrificed their lives fighting for Naga cause standing with NSCN(U) and are still doing it, however, they expressed sadness over the condolence message conveyed as a clarification note from NSCN(U) on pertinent points.

The Youth Organization of Peren District issued the statement to raise doubts and clarify ground realities for all citizens, that the NSCN(U) cautioning Zeliang leaders not to paint the incident along tribal line is good thought taken as advice, and said that, for decades, the Zeliang people saw it as an issue between the landowner and the encroachers into the traditional boundary who claims it as “No Man’s Land”.

“On that fateful day, not only the three Zeliang brothers mowed down mercilessly with M16, AK and other automatic weapons but challengingly left behind four red ink written notes besides the bodies claiming that ” This action is just the beginning of retribution for grasping Sumi’s ancestral land” , “Sumis will fight till the last man standing in defence of Sumis ancestral land” and others”, as such the organization questioned the NCSN(U) to first clarify who committed the gruesome murder along tribal line.

Also mentioning the statement that Zeliang leaders are playing faction angle is something really uncalled for NSCN(U) as NPG and CSO leaders as Naga cause support base, the organization said that the ground reality /happenings speak volumes about the cadres of the faction of particular tribe in Lamhainamdi issue.

Narrating the incident of March 2nd ,2021, PDYO said that a high ranking NSCN(U) leader with Police Escort vehicle and convoy of 8 vehicles abducted 3(three) innocent Lamhainamdi villagers and were kept in Kehoi Camp for twelve days on the pretext of stealing teak trees only to be released after the intervention of the Governor of Nagaland. On the process, a summon letter was issued to President, Zeliang Baudi under the seal and signature of Camp Commander Council Hqtr. Naga Army GPRN/NSCN(U) on March 3rd, 2021.

Further, it mentioned that the abductees were verbally abused and warned never to set foot again at Lamhainamdi. All these acts leave no doubts about the involvement of Sumi cadres of NSCN(U) who brutally killed innocent Nagas with whose support they are holding their weapons, it said. As such, the Peren District Youths requested the leadership of NSCN(U) to stop self serving attitude of a particular tribe using Naga common properties.

Further, the youth organization said that a news channel carried a news item where one CSO leader was quoted as the source of information of the incident even without interviewing him and urged the media house to stick to the ethics of journalism rather than playing into the interest of some section. It also stated that this needs clarification from the channel otherwise the said media will be held solely responsible for any untoward incident to the CSO leader in future.

Earlier on March 24th, the NSCN/GPRN had refuted that some prominent Zeliang leaders had expressed their views on the loss of lives through tribal and factional angle, citing a news item in a media channel and said that it is blatant and uncalled for, and an attempt to tarnish the good relation between NSCN/GPRN and the zeliangrong people. It also denied any involvement, either civil or military, workers in the incident.