Peren CSOs urge GoI & GoN to arrest perpetrating UG cadres who brutally killed 3 innocent villagers

Peren CSOs urge GoI & GoN to arrest perpetrating UG cadres who killed 3 innocent villagers

Peren, March 24 (NEx): A joint statement from the Nagaland Zeliang People’s Organization (NZPO), Zeliangrong Baudi, Nagaland (ZBN), Zeme Council Nagaland (ZCN), urged the Government of Nagaland and the Government of India to immediately arrest the perpetrating underground cadres who killed three innocent villagers of Lamhainamdi on March 22nd, 2021 and give severe befitting punishment in accordance to their crime as per the law of land.

The Civil Society Organizations of Peren district held an emergency meeting at Jalukie town on Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 and the Zeliangrong Civil Societies vehemently condemned the barbaric and heinous crime committed by 40 armed men in camouflaged uniform, fully armed with automatic weapons claiming protection of their ancestral land in writing, and killing three innocent villagers of Lamhainamdi, namely, Itingwangbe Haikam, Hangyi and Asiambo.

The three had been shot at point blank like animals, their bodies burnt, their limbs cut and their heads smashed with clubs, which is condemnable by all sections of Naga Society, it said.

The organisations claim that Lamhainamdi village is established by the community in their own land with the consent of the land owner Lamhai village, and no tribe has the authority to question the establishment of our own village.

The CSOs resolved that the State government must implement in toto in letter and spirit the shifting of Kiyevi village affected since 1979 with its present illegal settlers. The Government of Nagaland should at the earliest produce the shifting order for the knowledge of every citizens, it said.

Further, the meeting resolved that the State government must evict all self styled unrecognized villages within the traditional boundary of Zeliang Naga bordering Chakhro Angami areas.

It also resolved that no more underground designated camp will be allowed to set up afresh within the traditional boundary of Zeliang Naga in Peren district and added that the Hebron camp set up was opposed by the tribe since 2008. The initiative by GOI/GON or any other agencies in that direction will be taken as an attack to the survivability of our tribe in the state of Nagaland, it stated.

The CSOs also mentioned that even on March 2nd, 2021, three villagers of Lamhainamdi were abducted by a particular UG faction using police escort vehicle given to them by the State government for their personal security. They called it very unfortunate that high ranking UG leaders, politicians and Ministers are setting up self styled villages in Peren district bordering Dimapur Chakhro Angami areas using UG faction and their weapons for their selfish gains misleading even the innocent citizens.

“The inaction of the state government and the government of India machineries in ensuring our rights to ancestral property and the brazenness of Naga political group in self serving is fomenting inter tribal conflict”, it stated.

The CSOs urged the GoN /GoI to act at the earliest, otherwise, it cautioned that the organisations of Peren district will not be held responsible for any fall out of the status-quo.