Peren CSOs reiterate demand for immediate eviction of illegal settlers

Peren CSOs reiterate demand for immediate eviction of illegal settlers

Peren, June 05 (NEx): The Civil Societies of Peren District in a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Peren reiterated their demand for immediate eviction of illegal settlements within Lamhai land.

In its representation to the DC Peren, CSOs including Zeliangrong Baudi (N), Nagaland Zeliang People’s Organization (NZPO) & Lamhai Village Council (LVC) reiterated for the immediate eviction of seven illegal settlements at Lamhai lands, listed as, Khehoi (Kiyevi-B), Phushito, Vihuto, Jacob Zhimomi Village, Officers’ Village, Hetoi and Kiyevi village (as customary permission withdrawn by Landowner since the 5th April 2021).

The CSOs stated that several notices to the Government had been served in the past, to evict these illegal settlements including latest Press Release, serving an ultimatum by the United Zeliangrong Youth Front to the State Government giving 30 days, which will end on June 12th, 2021.

We are constraint to report that rather than complying to eradicate land grabbing activities in Lamhai land, even after brutal killing of our three unprovoked innocent men on the 22nd March, 2021 in Lamhainamdi, State Government have allowed deployment of heavy machineries of land developments, providing electrical power connections, water supply works and massive house constructions are going on unabated inside the Lamhai Village land, CSOs stated.

Illegal settlers are given complete freedom to do as they like and as if that is not enough, extra State’s para military forces are now deployed and are guarding these establishments along with presence of several youth carrying binoculars and drone flying surveillance over the area, it said.

Whereas conversely, Lamhainamdi villagers are not allowed even to collect firewood in our own land, in the guise of Status Quo being operative. In all fairness, we demand that Status Quo must be applied to all illegal settlements which are listed above as they are within Lamhai land.

The organizations also mentioned that presently, there is total negligence of action, protecting community lives and properties on the part of Government, even while criminal investigations are ongoing to nab perpetrators of senseless murders. The landowners are now left to defend ourselves, our property, our land, our dignity, and our rights, it said.