Pashang wins traditional fire making competition on 3rd day of Hornbill Festival

(Video: Traditional Fire making competition on 3rd day of Hornbill Festival 2019 | Video: DIPR)

Kohima, December 3 (NE): The traditional fire making, an indigenous game played mostly by the menfolk of many Naga tribes, was one of the entertainment highlights played on 3rd day of Hornbill festival 2019 at Naga Heritage Village Kisama.

Eleven participants from the tribe of Chakhesang, Chang, Ao, Angami, Garo, Sumi, Kachari, Zeliang, Rengma, Phom and Lotha participated in this traditional fire making competition. The participants used dried wood, finely stripped bamboo, dried twigs and leaves. The competition has no rule of time duration but the one who makes the fire first is declared the winner.

Out of the eleven participants Pashang from the Chang Tribe was declared the winner, while Choyoto from the Chakhasang tribe and Hokiye Aye of the Sumi tribe were the 1st and 2nd runners up respectively. They also received prize money of Rs 7000/-, Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 3000/- each respectively. All the participants were awarded consolation prizes.

(News Source: DIPR)