Organisations condemn alleged attack on minor boy at Chumoukedima

Organisations condemn alleged attack on minor boy at Chumoukedima

Dimapur, May 10 (NEx): The United Sangtam Likhüm Pümji (USLP), Kiphire District Congress Committee (KDCC), Dimapur Eastern Nagaland Students Union (DENSU) condemned the alleged attack on youth by some members of Chumoukedima Village Youth Society (CVYS) on May 06, 2021.

United Sangtam Likhüm Pümji Condemns:

United Sangtam Likhüm Pümji (USLP) through a press release on Monday, ‘strongly condemned the unwarranted assault on Lotsangkhyong Alex and his brother by the Chümoukedima Village Youth Society (CVYS) on the night of 6th May at their office premise in the presence of their father is unfathomable. Retrogression exhibited by the youth society is reprehensible in a civilized society. Using violence and coercion to intimidate the fellow citizens into submission cannot be a new normal.’

‘Taking the umbrage of youth society to terrorize and dehumanised fellow brothers’ in-front of the victim father even after repeated plea for mercy to spare his children from been brutalized smack the chauvinist attitude of the perpetrators,’ it stated.

‘When youths across the society are immensely contributing towards the advancement of society hooliganism propagated by renegade youths has severely dented the goodwill between the fellow citizens.

USLP called upon the competent authority and law enforcing agency to pursue the matter vigorously and thoroughly investigate the matter so that such incident should not be allowed to manifest again in future.

All the perpetrators should be booked without any fear or favour to serve the end of justice,’ USLP press release stated.

Kiphire District Congress Committee Condemns:

The Kiphire District Congress Committee (KDCC) led by its President Shri. Khaseo Sangtam has vehemently condemned the brutal assault and grievous injuries inflicted on Lotsangkhyong Alex on the night of 6th May 2021, by some members of Chümoukedima Village Youth Society(CVYS). ‘It may be recalled that the youths numbering around 20-30 assaulted the young boy in the presence of his father who was left pleading for mercy,’ a press release from KDCC said.

‘Earlier, the mother of the young victim even got down to the extent of kneeling and begging for forgiveness for any wrong her son may have committed but no one showed any humanity. Such highhandedness on the part of the CVYS that caused injury and pain to fellow Nagas is uncalled for, and should be strictly dealt with according to the law. It’s purely an act of cowardice on the part of CVYS, and have disgraced themselves in the eyes of every civilised and right-thinking Nagas,’ stated KDCC.

Dimapur Eastern Nagaland Students Union Condemns:

DENSU through a press release, vehemently condemned the ferocious act of Chumoukedima Village Youth Society committed against a minor boy and his family on 6th May 2021 at Chumoukedima, Dimapur. ‘Taking shelter under a society, no individual has the right to take the law into their own hands and more specifically before ascertaining the facts of the case’, it said.

‘It is extremely unacceptable and preposterous of the stand taken by CVYS even after Chumoukedima Village Council had clearly admitted and conveyed its regret for assaulting the minor while in their office. CVYS justifying on the so called Undertaking is nothing but a mockery to the statement issued by the CVC,’ said the press release.

DENSU further condemned the so called amicable settlement/undertaking signed on that very night. ‘Appending signatures of the victims in the custody of CVYS surrounded by their own people by applying force is nothing but signatures given under duress. A herd of wolves cornering the sheep and said to be amicably settling the matter does not justify or give merit to their position. One cannot expect such ill act and standpoint from a Society as CVYS,’ DENSU said.

DENSU stated that Chumoukedima is within the administrative jurisdiction of Dimapur district and “With second wave of the Covid-19” there is a clear standing order from the office of DC imposing night curfew from 6pm till 5am in Dimapur and CVYS is not exempted from the said order. ‘Summoning a minor and family to their office at night and assembling crowd is a clear violation of DC’s standing order and therefore the officials and volunteers of CVYS should be liable to be booked for the same,’ added the DENSU press release.