Open letter from CRF to CM, Chairman HPC on tackling the pandemic COVID-19

Open letter from CRF to CM, Chairman HPC on tackling the pandemic COVID-19

Kohima, June 12 (NE): The Civil Rights Forum Peren submitted an open letter to the Chief Minister, Chairman of High Powered Committee on COVID-19, Government of Nagaland regarding discrepancies and wilful ignorance in tackling the pandemic COVID-19 in the state of Nagaland.

The full text of the letter is as follows:

Honourable Sir,

In the wake of bringing the stranded citizens of Nagaland back home from various states of India, the COVID-19 has been brought along and spreading in the state. The Green-Zone state turned Red. The Govt. took the responsibility to bring the stranded citizens of the state and returnees received unprepared creating vulnerable situation susceptible to all citizens of the state.

Your honour is approached and appraised with the above stated issue for strict vigilance and responsible action in delivering due service and fair deal saving the lives of the citizens of the state with utmost attention.

That sir, the current state of affairs is overwhelming with the rapid increasing number of COVID-19 positive solely of returnees being received technically unprepared. The following points are apprised and cautioned for immediate attention and consideration.

The stranded returnees and citizens of the state are put to serious threats with no ready equipments or preventive/remedial measures in place. The relief fund and grant from centre allotted should be discretely utilized for standardizing and upgrading the quality and facilities of the district and community quarantine Centres and relief provision should reach to all the community levels in the districts.

Despite the 25th May of Tuensang episode which has awaken the govt of the life threatening pandemic reality, the Dimapur District Surveillance Team have committed again even more blunder by sending a positive confirmed along with other 16 returnees to Peren district on the night of 3rd June 2020. Thus the whole citizens are made vulnerable and panicked. Is this not an act of indifferent and wilful ignorant of the Government towards the human values and lives of the people? How could the Govt. be so blunt to commit mistake a second time of such a life risking pandemic? The matter be remedied and the 16 along with one positive person be given extra medical care and treatment to assure that no case of infection out of the 17 returnees is caused.

The Govt. of Nagaland notwithstanding the availability of funds and time to prepare, procure and provide ready medical facilities since the announcement of national lockdown March 24th 2020 till date has not been affected and materialized as purposed. The fact is an indifference or deliberate negligence on the part of the govt towards the lives of the people. Hence it is as good as violating the rules of laws and spreading the virus in defiance to constitutional statues and human rights on the part of the govt.

Therefore, considering the state of affairs of the Govt., and its dire consequential implications impacted, the Govt. is responsible and answerable for the infringement and contravention of laws for negligence, disobedience causing threats and false alarms to its subjects and citizens. Your honour and good office is intimated to answer for the act committed and restore tranquility and justice back to the people without a delay. Failing to redress the matter will compel the Civil Rights Forum to go for legal recourse under proper section of the provision of laws.

Civil Rights Forum

Civil Rights Forum

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