One day sensitization program on Child Protection organized in Kohima

One day sensitization program on Child Protection in Kohima
Photo Credit: RNU, AIR Kohima

May 15, Kohima: One day sensitization program on Child Protection was organized by the Nagaland Sate Legal Services in Kohima. Speaking at the program, Judge of Gauhati High Court, Justice Songkhupchung Serto said both individual and groups have a role to play in the society for protection of children.

Justice Serto called upon the efforts of all sections of society to deliberate and think together for the betterment of the children. Stating that 25 percent of the population constitutes young children, he said issues and rights of the children should not be ignored and asked the people to be more acquainted with the child protection laws so that it can be put into practice.

Member Secretary of Nagaland State Legal Services Authority, Mezivolu T. Therie, said a home is supposed to be the safest place for a child to grow. She however, lamented the present scenario of Nagaland is changing with the increasing rate of crime against children such as child abuse, trafficking, missing children, and child labour among others.

Mezivolu further added that awareness of child rights and protection should be given starting from community and churches in order to tackle the menace of crime against children. Earlier, Justice Songkhupchung Serto also released a magazine titled Mega Camp Legal Services from Awareness to Empowerment.