One day Seminar for Sunday School Teachers held at Zeme Baptist Church Kohima

( ZBCK Sunday School Teachers along with Resource persons after the seminar on March 10, 2020)

Kohima, March 10 (NE): One day seminar for Sunday School Teachers of Zeme Baptist Church Kohima was held at the church premises, ZBCK, Midland today, March 10, 2020.

Children Education Director Immanuel Baptist Church, Ruusano speaking on the topic ‘Role of Teachers’, said that being a Sunday school teacher is a great responsibility. She also said that a teacher must be strong spiritually and up to date in order to guide the children to Christ. She further added that being loving, patient and good listeners are traits of a good teacher and one should be an example for the children to emulate. She also highlighted the importance of team work, commitment, motivation and self improvement to be able to become a good teacher.

Christian Education Secretary NBCC, Bideno Kikon also speaking as one of the resource persons said that the need of the hour is to study and know the mentality of every student in Sunday school. She said that as a Christian educator one must pray, prepare and deliver the lesson well in order to help the child in his or her spiritual life. She also emphasised the need to help children learn how to pray and teach them to read the bible in the right and simple way. She said that when we read the bible that is how God speaks to us through the words in the bible. She also highlighted the importance of loving our neighbour as we love ourselves and help children practice the doctrine in real life when teaching those lessons in Sunday school. She further encouraged the teachers to teach the children with all their heart, mind and soul and to seek guidance from God to teach the children in the right direction.

The main objective of the seminar was to train the teachers so that they can mould the children in the right direction. Ten Sunday school teachers participated in the seminar.