Offbeat: Fake information without fact-check, bringing down Nagaland social media: A report

Dimapur, February 7 (NE): With the arrival of cheaper smartphones and mobile data in Nagaland, one will see a different generation today – a virtual world is a reality in Nagaland too. Large number of social media users from different platforms in Nagaland finds themselves in a crossroad, as the scenario is no more same as past few years.

A recent report received at the ‘NagalandExpress’ news desk shows how blatantly people uses social media for sharing info that are sensitive and false which sometime even creates panic and confusion among the people and as a result, it adds the burden on the Group/Page admins. If it goes out of hand, the admins are being booked first by the authorities because it is the admin’s responsibility to manage the contents shared on the respective platforms, be it Facebook or WhatsApp groups.

(Recently published fake news in social media with old train accident pictures)

The recent case, is an example where the social media users forwarding whatever they get from other groups without doing fact check are becoming very common in Nagaland; It’s time for people to verify the authenticity of the content shared, otherwise, it will be a dilemma as a whole and will lead to chaos very soon. It is also seen that few social media pages were also caught creating confusion among the netizens recently. The only safe way is to have fact checking before forwarding any photo or information to any group in different social media platforms.

Recently, in a Dimapur Police report, cyber cell tracked down one individual who had posted a series of derogatory comments intended to offend and undermine the moral integrity of a female through a fake account.

Time to time different authorities also releases awareness videos or messages on how people are being cheated through social media which eventually ends in depression through wrong virtual relationships or loss of money. Though social media does not restrict anyone from sharing any information – except few community and privacy guidelines to follow, at the end it’s all on the individual to take the responsibility of the activities or contents shared on various social media platforms.

It is important to note that new media has surpassed traditional media even here at Nagaland. If the given platforms are used in the right ways, then, Nagaland as a state can see lots of changes and job opportunities among the youths. Without any boundaries sellers can find more buyers, local songs, movies, videos, etc can reach to many viewers, digital banking – cashless society are few advantages of Digital India push.

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