NSUB rescued many Nagas who are effected in Bangalore due to lockdown

Kohima, March 27 (NE): The Naga Students’ Union Bangalore (NSUB) is taking many initiatives to help Nagas in Bangalore at this crucial time of COVID19 pandemic and 21 days lockdown in the country.

Yesterday, March 26, 2020, the Union is reported to have rescued Two Nagas who were stuck at Wonderla, a water amusement park at the outskirts of Bangalore and were helpless without proper food for two days. NSUB along with Bengaluru Police went there to pick them up and took them to one of the Naga friends’ place in Bangalore, they said.

In another incident, NSUB successfully shifted one Naga student who was stuck at Indiranagar in a PG. The student was shifted to Shanthi Nagar safely with the help of Bendang Yanger Ao and Bengaluru police, reported media cell NSUB.

Akuzo Lohe, from the media cell NSUB, informed that even PG owners are asking the Naga students to leave, so they have taken those students and shifted them to Naga PG in Shantinagar with the help of Bengaluru Police. Even the Naga public called and complained that they are faced with discrimination and racism being called ‘Corona’ in grocery stores or while buying essential commodities, he added.

The NSUB is said to have written a memorandum to the CM of Nagaland and even to the Chief Secretary for their intervention, to which, both responded to the Union in a positive way.

He further informed that Nagas in Bangalore can call the following numbers if anyone faces discrimination and needs help in any way from the Union:

Akuzo Lohe (NSUB Media cell) – +91 98801 63922

Mughato Kiba (NSUB President) – +91 89518 20724