NSF submitted memorandum to PM Narendra Modi during the Naga Rally at New Delhi

New Delhi, September 25 (NE): Naga Students’ Federation in collaboration with Naga Students’ Union Delhi organize Naga Mass Rally for an Early, Inclusive, Acceptable and Honourable Solution of the Protracted Indo-Naga Peace Process at New Delhi on September 25, 2019.

Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) submitted the memorandum to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during the Naga Rally held today.

Memorandum submitted to PM Modi:

History is the witness that the Nagas have fought valiantly as a proud nation and is continuing the fight against the oppressors to free Nagalim. Nagas have been gloriously waving our national flag across global platforms, towns and cities registering our determinate identity of being a nation. Hundred and thousand lives have been sacrificed to be independent people with our own government and constitution. Yet, the fight is on, counting every little contribution one makes for the cause of the Naga nation.

Its in light that, Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) as an organization representing the voice and sentiments of the Naga younger generation, place this memorandum containing three core demands, seeking your prompt attention and intervention.

  • Solution based on the unique history of the Nagas

Since time immemorial, each individual Naga Village was a sovereign republic, No invading forces or kings could exert their dominance over the entire stretch of Naga territory. Even the Britishers post 1885 adopted the policy of non-interference of the Naga hills after they overran Assam.

On 10th January 1929, the Naga club on behalf of Naga people submitted a memorandum to the Simon commission that Nagas would not want to be part of soon be independent India.

On 14th August 1947, Nagas declared their independence under the banner of the Naga National Council from any imperialistic forces and communications to the effect was sent to the United Nations.

On 16th May 1951, during the Naga National Plebiscite, 99.9 per cent of the Nagas reasserted the declaration of the independence.

Nagalim was placed within the Indian Union neither by conquest nor by the consent of the Naga people. Unlike the then princely states which went on to form the Indian Union, Naga leaders never agreed to be part of India. They never signed the instrument of Accession nor did they ratify the India Independence Act 1947.

This is the unique the history of the Nagas and the same has been acknowledged by the Government of India. Given the official recognition of the unique history of the Nagas, The Naga youth and students strongly urge your hon’ble self to not compare or subject the Naga issue to any other political issue in the country and even abroad and that the promise of a unique solution based on the unique history is brought forth to the Naga people at the earliest. The history of the Naga people is unique and the solution must also be unique in letter and in spirit.

  • Solution that is inclusive.

Today the word inclusiveness has become the most debated words and interpreted according to various perspectives of the negotiating parties and even the onlooker. But we are clear that the Naga people have been divided into Nation states and also within the parameters of the Indian sub-continent, without our consent or even our knowledge. And this has been one of the most painful subjugation in the history of the Naga people. Therefore, if any solution is sought without the consolidation of the Naga people who are now divided and placed into different political administration of India and Burma, it would be self-defeating and unacceptable to us.

Further, since the Naga issue is one, there has to be only one solution taking on board all the stakeholders.

  • Solution that is Honorable.

That sir, it is the aspiration of the Naga Students and youth the solution of the protracted Indo-Naga issue be based on the mutually agreed principle of India and Nagas as two separate entities.

The NSF would like to categorically state that the Nag people shall never accept a solution that is imposed upon us. We shall not accept a solution that is not honourable and also ensure that the dignity of every Naga individual is respected.

There have been agreement in the past like The Nine Point Agreement, of June 1947 between the Naga National Council and the Governor of Assam, The Sixteen Point Agreement arrived at between the Naga People Convention and the government of India in July 1960, Sir Akbar Hydari and the Shillong Accord. However this agreement of the past did not bring about the lasting solution that the Naga people yearn for.

It is the earnest appeal of the Federation to your good self and your government to understand that, the failure of the previous agreement is due to the core issues pertaining to the Naga not being addressed. One fact is that, the Naga will not accept is the issue which are dear to their hearts are not addressed through the solution and that such an attempt will only plunge the Naga society into another dark phase of bloodshed and violence.

We appeal in the greater interest of the Naga and other communities and the Indian Nation to impartially and honourably deliberate the issues emerging from the situation in order to usher in an era of PEACE through an honourable political solution that defines and recognizes our identity as a distinct people.

We believe the right time has come for the government of India to recognize and materialize ‘Nagas desire and the right to live together under one political roof’.