NSF dismayed at the Governors directive to silence the voices of Nagas

NSF dismayed at the Governors directive to silence the voices of the Nagas

Kohima, February 10 (NEx): The Naga Students’ Federation expressed dismay at the GOI appointed interlocutor and Governor of Nagaland Shri. R N Ravi for his directive to the Chief Secretary of Nagaland recently which the NSF said, it is to silence the voices of the Naga people and suppress our rights.

The NSF in a reaction to the directive of the Governor for strict action against government employees writing seditious contents challenging the sovereignty of the country and posting in social media said that it is also a manifestation of his dominant attitude and his ever failing approach of thrusting the dominant might upon Nagas.

The federation in a release said, it has taken a serious note of the impugned directive and views the same as another attempt by the Governor to undo the peace and understanding brought about by his predecessors.

NSF alleged that the impugned directive while singling out Dr. Inato Zhimomi speaks of the Governor’s intent to create fear psychosis amongst the state government employees by sending out a message that he has his ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ planted deep within the Naga society in order to achieve his desired end of
dividing the Naga people.

As GOI appointed interlocutor to the Indo-Naga Peace talk, the federation expected him to not indulge in trickery and divisive politics, instead, as the GOI mandated authority to bring lasting peace between India and the Naga people, the federation expected him to truly understand and respect the unique history of the Naga people and accordingly work out mechanisms in the interest of the two entities. However, the same is not to be and the federation is appalled at his various misconducts and misdemeanors.

The federation also made it succinctly clear that the Naga people will not be cowered down by attempts to stifle our voices and belittle our legitimate rights. No matter the evil designs of the opposing forces, the voices of the Naga people and our collective aspiration to live as one people cannot be muted, it stated.

The federation reminded the Governor that the Naga peoples’ struggle for self-determination can in no way be treated as another secessionist movement. Instead, it is merely a collective assertion of the Naga people to live as a people free from any illegal occupational forces basing on historical facts.

Therefore, the NSF affirmed that not a single soul should be persecuted for voicing out the truth and assured that it stands with all the victims of the atrocious policies being let loose in our Naga homeland by the adversaries. The federation said it cannot allow anyone to walk alone while upholding the righteous cause of the Naga people.

NSF also publicly reaffirm their commitment to uphold the Naga identity until the ultimate goal of sovereignty and integration is achieved. “The artificial boundaries and circumstances shall not dissuade us from asserting our legitimate rights. The federation stands
committed in ensuring that the Naga political rights are not misplaced or tampered with by any forces until a negotiated solution in line with the ‘unique history and situation of the Nagas’ is achieved with the government of India”- unquote.