NSF and others write to Government of India: things may not be same, if Government do not do something soon

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, October 23, (NE): Various civil societies of Nagaland has once more put onus to Government of India (GoI) for either side lining or perhaps a communication gap when the world is waiting to hear the final outcome, which GoI has given a dateline by this month end.

The GoI may try not to reach a letter addressing the United Nations (UN) including Nagaland international organization, which is based somewhere in Europe continent.

Various things are getting unfolded everyday, perhaps to pressurized for a just, yet honorable solution to the vexed Naga talks, which has been going on for decades now.

In the letters, the Naga Students Federation (NSF) and Naga Mothers Association (NMA) have resented strongly for trying to sideline them including few others in such a time when the dateline is not even a week from now.

The Nagas suffering including the current issue has only been dragged for many decades though lot of things has been done. The signatories, which has sent a memorandum to the Government has once again appealed so that they can join the talks and not sidelined.

According to sources, such memorandum of high level has been written in the past. But with a question of whether it ever reaches upto the deck of the office like the UN and others is a matter of concern.

The plus point, perhaps for Nagaland based organization is due to coming of IT, these memorandum being submitted is going viral in social media platforms atleast for now.

In earlier times, due to such facility not available, was a setback. Now, the Government will further be watching for the next move as the whole process is in a crucial phase as a whole.

It is pertinent to note that there could be further emails from the Government on giving clarification about what is really going on, especially if the civil societies are being put aside for the final talks.