NSCN refutes to allegations by the Assam Rifles

NSCN refutes to allegations by the Assam Rifles

Kohima, January 10 (NEx): The NSCN (IM) in a release on Sunday refutes to the allegations by the Assam Riffles (AR) and said that AR gave out a false report about .32 mm pistol being found in possession of one NSCN cadre along with live rounds and baseless allegations against him. The AR has targeted NSCN again for no reason, it said.

Narrating the incident, the outfit said that, ‘one NSCN cadre 2nd lieutenant, Panphung Pangsa of Votnu village under Wancho Region, Longding district, Arunachal Pradesh was on medical leave.’

‘The 6th AR came to raid his house at around 9 pm on January 9th, when he was alone and arrested him. Nothing incriminating was found with him, but the AR gave out a false report that .32 mm pistol was found in his possession along with live rounds with baseless allegations against him,’ it said.

The NSCN said that these sorts of unfounded pictures are always put on any NSCN cadre AR could lay its hands on. For the AR, a little bit of humanity and sensitivity could have gone a long way to avoid any acrimony with the public and the NSCN, it added.