NSCN news item on recent IMFL bottles being caught gets trolled by netizens

(IMFL bottles seized from a bolero pick-up while going to Mokokchung from Amguri via Lirmen|Photo: Naga Hills Express_Facebook)

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, November 17 (NE): In what could be a shocking or say gratitude for doing such yeoman service by NSCN – when they are in the highest level of talks with Government of India, with a pure deal to come through an honorable solution became a shock for many in the social media world.

The NSCN seized a bolero pick-up carrying IMFL on Saturday (November 16) morning at around 2am and handed it over to Lirmen Village Council. The pick-up was on its way to Mokokchung from Amguri via Lirmen. Village council chairmen of Lirmen informed that the IMFL owner escaped but the driver and the vehicle is under the custody of NSCN. The seized IMFL was destroyed by Lirmen council in presence of Lirmen Baptist Church and watsu telongjem.

According to information, the news were published in few Nagaland based newspapers/tabloids including by regional website simultaneously on November sixteen last. But the funniest part is that, netizens commenting one after another with opinions saying that “Let such activities, henceforth, be the work of Excise Department, under Government of Nagaland. Where are you? Don’t go cheap, but do something more better. We are watching you.” While, further others stated, “You are in the important part of negotiations, please think about it. You deserve better than this job”. After all, Churches and others are taking care of it, another added. It’s also important to note, many have appreciated NSCN for this work.

It has become very interesting, that a news item being published by other – gets trolled further, like this: “Is this news, being published again from the old ones?” By the late evening, the discussion on trolling was stopped with a lighter note, saying, “Take a chill-pill.”

It is pertinent to note that the question of a free Alcohol or say a ban on alcohols is better left for open debate by concern Departments under the Government of Nagaland or atleast take a survey on it – weather the questionable Act be scraped for good or atleast think for a next better step concerning the citizens of the state.