NSCN (IM), NSCN (KN) cadre apprehended with arms, drugs & cash in Dimapur

NSCN (IM), NSCN (KN) cadre apprehended with arms, drugs & cash in Dimapur

Dimapur, January 23 (NEx): The Security forces alongwith Nagaland Police representatives apprehended NSCN (IM), NSCN (KN) cadres in two separate operations in Dimapur district, Nagaland and recovered arms, drugs and cash.

(Apprehended NSCN (IM) cadre along with recovered items in Dimapur)

PRO on Saturday notified that Security Forces along with representatives of State police apprehended one NSCN (IM) cadre and recovered one point 22 Pistol three rounds of point 22 ammunition, 2300 Nos of Spasma Proxivon Capsule (approx Rs 43,200/-) and Rs. 1,56,500/- in cash near Purana Bazaar, in Dimapur.

Further, the PRO informed that the apprehended cadre along with the recoveries were handed over to East Police Station Dimapur, for further investigation.

(Apprehended NSCN (KN) cadre with recovered items at Dimapur)

In another joint operation, the Security forces with State police representative on Friday, January 22, 2021, apprehended an NSCN (KN) cadre near Tisephema in Dimapur.

They also recovered one point 22 Rifle, one point 22 Pistol, one Air Rifle, one Single Bore Rifle, 40 Nos of point 22mm live rounds, 299 Nos of Air Rifle Pellets, 199 Nos of Spasma Proxivon capsules (approx Rs 15,920/-), one pkt of Drug Orange Powder (Sunflower) and 15 small containers (approx Rs 45,000/-) and Rs 1, 43,500/- in cash from the apprehended person.

The PRO informed that the apprehended NSCN (KN) cadre and recovered items were handed over to Police Station, Medzephema for further investigation.