NSCN-IM appeals public for precaution & safe environment

NSCN-IM appeals public for precautions & safe environment

Kohima, November 13 (NEx): The NSCN – IM, Ministry of Forest & Environment, in view of the exigency connected with the necessity to preserve the natural resources in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic crisis, appealed the Naga people and the public that use of fire crackers and other firework as normally seen during the festive season of Diwali shall be strictly banned as it matters to the health of the people and the environment.

NSCN, Ministry of Forest & Environment, in a press statement notified that logging and random cutting down of trees in the Reserved Forest and community Protected Forest is strictly banned.

The NSCN stated that unethical method of fishing and hunting using poisonous chemicals, dynamo and explosives is being viewed very seriously, rather, it encouraged the traditional methods of hunting and fishing as this prevent excessive killings and wastage.

Further, NSCN said that the sale of wild animals shall stand restricted throughout Nagalim to protect our fauna from avoidable extinction.

With the advent of winter season there is a tendency for reckless burning of forest by individuals and villages, as such the NSCN also said that people should be rationalized in burning of forests as it affect our environment directly which subsequently creates ecological imbalance.

Also, NSCN noted that there is random excavation of local sands, boulders and gravels from river beds, which should be stopped forthwith as it is damaging the environment.

The NSCN also informed the general public that in the name of taking up development projects, there is random exploitation of rivers, forests and lands in large scale in towns and villages. This has necessitated proper monitoring by the concerned ministry to see that the concerned agencies undertaking the projects adhere to the law of environment, the press statement said.