NPS probationers interacts with DGP at PHQ Kohima on January 30

(Nagaland Police Service (NPS), Dy. SP probationers)

Dimapur, January 31 (NE): An interaction programme for Nagaland Police Service (NPS), Dy. SP probationers with the DGP Nagaland was held at PHQ (Police headquarter) on January Thirty.

In a notification it said that the DGP encouraged them to give their best while serving as police officers and also wished them success in their endeavours. The programme was also attended by all the senior police officers of PHQ. The Dy.SP Probationers did exemplary well at the North Eastern Police Academy (NEPA) and also bagged the following awards:

1) Sentiwapang, All Round Best Dy.SP Probationer, Best Dy.SP Probationer in Indoor Proficiency in Legal Studies, Proficiency in Social Science, Proficiency in Police Science, Proficiency in Forensic Science, Proficiency in Criminology.

2) Kevisezo Sirie, Proficiency in Physical Training Proficiency in Police Operations.

3) Ngimchule Nampeung, Proficiency in Exemplary Conduct.

4) Kihika Sumi Chishi, Proficiency in Weapon Training.

5) Sangthing Khiam, Best Dy.SP Probationer in Outdoor Proficiency in Drill.