NPP Nagaland State reiterates the demand for abrogation of COVID-19 Cess

NPP Nagaland State reiterates the demand for abrogation of COVID-19 Cess

Kohima, September 20 (NEx): While supporting the move of the CNTC, CNSA, DNSU, DENSU and WCSU for their legitimate demand to the State Government for revoking the inhuman COVID-19 Cess on Petroleum Fuels, the National People’s Party (NPP) Nagaland State reiterated their earlier demand for abrogation of the said cess on fuels which was published in most of the daily newspapers and social media platforms on May 04, 2020.

As mentioned in earlier press release, the party stated that the decision of the Finance Department to put an additional COVID-19 Cess on the prices of fuel is bereft of any possible logic, especially at a time when the entire economy of the state is in jeopardy and the common people are already suffering the brunt of the financial crunch as a result of the pandemic and subsequent lock down.
Instead of bringing about certain economic reforms and allaying the financial burden of the people, the government of the day has resorted to levying an inhuman and illogical cess on the prices of fuel which has doubled the burden of the common people as it has unduly resulted in price rise across the state which is akin to adding salt to the injury of the people, it added.

Bringing the facts before the State Government, the party said that the prices of commodities are already at an all time high due to illegal hoarding of goods by the shopkeepers and the additional cess will give them another opportunity to raise the prices as usual. Condemning the arbitrary action of the State Government, the NPP said that it is an attempt to take undue opportunity of filling the coffers of the state at the expense of the common people which is totally intolerable.

The NPP also raised concerns on people-centric schemes for the benefit of the public which the State Government does not make public those schemes and benefits received from the Centre and not being transparent on the utilisation of funds.

The party also questioned the State Government as to why it needs so much additional funds when the Central Government has already poured in huge amounts of money and when the H&FW department has already professed that it is adequately equipped with all infrastructures to meet the eventualities of the pandemic.

NPP Nagaland State has been bringing to fore many issues related either with corruption and graft or with issues related to social vices which includes the ‘Upgradation of the Dimapur Railway Station and Airport’, ‘The COVID-19 Cess’, ‘The SARFESAI Act’ and the ‘Armed Forces Special Powers Act’. It lamented that so far there is no justifiable answers to the numerous and legitimate questions posed to the State Government which reveals the utter indifferent attitude of the present State Government towards the concerns and apathy of the general public.

Further, the party urged the State Government and its leaders to seek the betterment of public life instead of taking undue advantage out of the grim situation of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, extending sincere gratitude to all the frontline workers including the Health Workers, Police, Civil Administration, NGOs, Churches, concerned individuals, etc. for their selfless dedication, the party hope that they would continue to be exemplary in the sacrifices and contribution towards the well being and benefit of our people.