NPP Nagaland Questions State Govt. on Unpaid Salary of Frontline Worker’s

NPP Nagaland Questions State Govt. on Unpaid Salary of Frontline Worker's

Kohima, May 31 (NEx): The National People’s Party (NPP) Nagaland questioned the State Government and Health & Family department on the recent revelations of the grievances of the newly appointed doctors and frontline workers not getting their deserving due salary on time.

NPP Nagaland questioned saying, ‘Why such despicable treatments are given to the ones who are bravely facing the heat of the pandemic at the brink of risking their lives and sacrificing their comforts for the cure of the entire society at large?’. It said that the brave frontline workers should actually be the first ones to be given their remunerations.

The party said that it is appalling how the ones who are putting their lives on hold to save numerous lives are actually being denied of their own rights to earn a livelihood. It is a crime to deny them their salaries and utterly wrong in every sense no matter which way the Government wants the public to look at it. As a matter of fact, these brave frontline workers should actually be the first ones to be given their remunerations, the NPP stated.

Further, the party asked, ‘How can they function when their rights are violated so shamelessly?’ The Government is neither feeding them food, nor paying their dues on time and yet expects them to stand steadfast and work tirelessly? It is like sending the soldiers to war without equipping them with necessary arms and ammunitions and also without supply of ration, it said.

Citing some press, it mentioned that doctors are posted elsewhere and are away from their families; they not only have the responsibility of their families but the weight of the community’s health welfare is on their shoulders as well.

NPP said that it stands with all the doctors and frontline workers and demand immediate action towards this unruly treatment on the Government’s end.

Furthermore, it added, if the current Government is incapable and unable to handle the recurrent crisis, it is better to step down with grace and give way for those who can and are willing to do so. The authority should not put the lives of our people at stake by being a slave to their ego, it asserted.

The party also suggested that if those sitting at high power are not able to empathize with the sufferings of the frontline workers, they should ask the civil society to step forward in aid, as we believe there are many who are willing to give free will donation and contribute in easing the grievances of our brave frontline workers provided the funds are not misused and has full accountability.

NPP is also sceptical of the State Governments measures to handle the various loopholes of lockdown, and now that the lockdown has been extended, the NPP questions on constructive measures to help the needy and the effected and mentioned that the daily wage earners have no doubt been extremely burnt from the crisis of this pandemic lockdown and for that matter.

The party also questioned if free essential commodities are being distributed to the needy equally and if they are able to reach out to the grass root level and said that the fact that people are actually dying of poverty and starvation more than the virus cannot be denied. The party hopes that these problems arising will be taken into serious consideration by the State Government and solve it immediately.

Meanwhile, the NPP thanks all the frontline workers for their relentless services and pray for their well-being as well as their families and also appreciated all the NGOs, Civic Bodies, Institutions and Individuals who are going out of their way in helping the society in their own capacity and free will donations.