NPF urges state govt. to ramp up infrastructures in all district designated hospitals

Kohima, May 11 (NEx): The NPF Legislature Party said that though total lockdown should be the last resort of the government, looking at the indifferent attitude and alarmingly rising positive cases in Kohima and Dimapur, the only option left to protect the people would be for a total lockdown in these two districts. It also added that during trying times such as this, the government of the day should be more proactive to tend to the needs and listen to the cries of the people rather than amassing wealth.

The NPF stated it is perturbed at the mishandling and unpreparedness of the PDA government in handling the rising Covid-19 cases in the State. ‘This government seems to have learnt nothing from the first wave which we have all faced last year. The excuse that other developed nations and Indian States are also finding it difficult to contain this virus should no longer be parroted by the government as a result of its own inefficiency’ the party said.

Looking at the grim state of affairs in the State, the NPF Legislature Party fears that the people of the State will soon be faced with a huge challenge to even provide basic amenities for the Covid-19 patients. Taking the case of Dimapur, which has the highest Covid cases, it has two designated Covid Hospitals which is not sufficient to meet the demand for beds with uninterrupted oxygen supply for patients who require hospitalisation. What could be the fate of other district Covid hospitals, it questioned.

The NPF mentioned that the Governor of Nagaland, taking cognizance of the severity of the second wave convened a meeting on 21st April 2021 of all the political parties in which the Leader of Opposition had pointed out that the second wave or third wave will not emanate from within the State but rather the danger is from those coming into the State unmonitored from other States. Therefore, it was suggested that all the interstate entry points, railway station and airport should be well equipped to manage the incoming passengers while also insisting on Covid negative reports for entry into the State.

While appreciating the efforts of the central government for providing the equipment for setting up of oxygen generating plants in the state and the Indian Air Force for assisting in lifting it to the State, the party said, with the hope that the supply of oxygen would be greatly augmented once these plants are set up, it is pertinent to designate more hospitals for taking care of the Covid patients and also improve the infrastructure at a greater pace.

It also lamented that though the Central government has been magnanimously sanctioning funds in the name of Covid, yet there is still no significant improvement in the Health care facilities in the State and that the state government seems to find enthusiasm only in attaining more personal wealth siphoning off funds and withdrawing from the State exchequer in the guise of additional funds for development thus rapidly increasing the burden of fiscal deficit in the State.

Further, it said that the vaccination drive though not mandatory should be immediately carried out for free as announced by the Chief Minister of the State. It alleged that for every problem and obstacle, it is becoming a norm of the Chief Minister to go begging for funds which is unprecedented and speaks volume about the mismanagement of the State finances.

Mentioning that there was public hue and cry against Covid Cess on Petrol and Diesel and 15% Pro rata cut in 2020-21, the NPF said the same is the case with 20% Pro rata cut in 2021-22 on all non-development funds for use in the fight against Covid. The amount collected and the end-result on utilisation of such revenue generated at the cost of the common men is kept hidden, which is against the very spirit of transparency and accountability, it alleged.

Taking all seriousness of the impending third wave which is likely to be worse than what we have experienced thus far, the party called upon the present dispensation to ramp up the required infrastructures in all the district designated Covid hospitals and said the government is in place for the good functioning and well-being of the people and not otherwise.

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