NPF reaffirm its stand on the present Naga Political issue

Dimapur, October 23, (NE): The Naga People’s Front (NPF) held a consultative meeting with members from the legislature wing, the core committee, senior leaders, and frontal wings leaders at Kohima today, October 23.

In the meeting, the NPF discussed about the present political scenario in the midst of hope and fear doing the round and wish to make its stand clear in a simple way on the matter.

The NPF said, it always stand for an honourable, inclusive and acceptable solution to the protracted Indo-Naga Political issue. Therefore, it welcomes the signing of the ‘Frame Work Agreement’ of August 3, 2015 between the Government of India (GoI) and NSCN (IM). Also welcomed the joining of the seven NNPGs in the peace process towards the later part of 2017.

The NPF further said, is pain to see the Indo-Naga Political issue having 22 years of dialogue, which is heading to a dead-lock with the NSCN (IM) and Mr. R.N. Ravi, the GOI Interlocutor, also the present Governor of Nagaland; maintaining their respective stands accusing one another through media, hinting possible dead-lock.

The NPF also said, it does not belive that Government of India will sign another 16-point memorandum types of agreement because in that, the GoI signed the agreement with the go-between group leaving behind the main contenders for whom the agreement was proposed. Therefore, the said agreement failed to bring peace but more division. The same tragedy should never be repeated. Naga people want real peace after an agreement is signed, it warned.

The NPF said, in order to have meaningful solution to the issue, mutual trust between the main players is the only answer. The GoI should not serve any sort of ultimatum to solve the Naga political issue rather it should handled with all care and seriousness. Appropriate timing for a peaceful solution should be guide the ongoing peace process keeping space for concession to some extent, if found necessary.

While NPF are not aware of the ruling PDA’s role in this crucial stage of the Indo-Naga Political issue, the NPF reiterated its stand and commitment to continue play a facilitator role as is have always been.

It said, another mistake will be very costly not only for one faction or group but of everyone involving in the process.