NPF calls the decision to celebrate Hornbill festival a ‘Suicidal Mission’

The Naga People’s Front (NPF) political party has criticized the Government’s decision to celebrate the annual Hornbill festival 2020

Kohima, October 23 (NEx): The Naga People’s Front (NPF) political party objecting the Government’s decision to celebrate the annual Hornbill festival 2020, stated that the State Government’s announcement to celebrate Hornbill Festival this year is a ‘Suicidal Mission’.

In a press communique, the political party expressed shock to see the attitude of the PDA Government to conduct the annual festival, despite the fact that the Naga society is reeling under threat due to the Corona Virus pandemic hitting the state with positive cases increasing each single day.

The NPF questioned as to how the State Government can take a U-turn to celebrate such event, when the Government is well aware that due to the pandemic, it has curtailed down many income generating activities of the public, educational institutions has been closed down, many business establishment were limited and religious places were yet to function normally and many tribals were abstained from celebrating their own festival due to the fear of virus transmission.

NPF reminded the PDA Government that it is not a time of merry making and momentary pleasure but to ensure the safety of the people and change its decision for the safety of its people. It also said, ‘the State Government must be well aware that positivity rate in Nagaland has surpassed the National rate, which clearly indicates that our state have higher transmission than the National rate’.

The state Government on October 21, 2020, issued a circular directing it’s departments to initiate preparation of their respective allocated areas at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, in view of the forthcoming Hornbill Festival 2020.